Monday, August 12, 2013

P90x Week 8 Wrap Up

This week is another "different" or variation week like week 4.  Last week was very "trying"  with getting my work outs fit into my schedule, and in a lot of ways was very frustrating.  Sometimes I get annoyed because, as a Mom, you never truly get "me time."  You would think that squeezing 1 hour into a 24 hour day would come easily, but it doesn't.  I'm constantly on the schedule of my kids.  And when I think it's a good time, about 10 minutes in, Leeland is in the bathroom yelling for his butt to be wiped, or the kids are fighting, or getting into something they aren't supposed to.... or Hayden is teething and being extra clingy.  It's tough!!

But alas, here I am.  Week 8.... Week 8 out of 13.  Doing my best to keep my motivation and my focus.  Keeping it real through the challenges and the victories.

DAY 1- Yoga:  I was beating myself up about not getting kenpo in last night (Week 7, Day 7), so I made the executive decision to attempt a two-a-day today and try to catch up.  Ultimately I could just count it as a loss, and I don't know how much doing 2 work outs in 1 day really "helps" me because I still did 0 yesterday, but it doesn't hurt me.  So back to my intro to this post about working out as a Mom isn't easy.... Well I'm doing Kenpo this morning and Hayden walked right into a back kick.  ((Sigh!!!))  He's fine of course, just grazed my leg, but it doesn't make it any less hard.

So Part 2 of my two-a-day didn't turn out to be yoga.  I went for a run!  I don't want this post to sound like I'm discrediting yoga.  Going for a run does NOT replace yoga at all.  Yoga is a total body work out that I've been doing for the past 7 weeks that I can credit strength, flexibility and endurance to. However, I needed that run more than anything.  After a frustrating week of work outs, yoga is a work out that is done in house and requires a clear mind.  It's very difficult to clear your mind and not think about the 4 loads of laundry that need to be folded on the couch next to you, or clear your mind and tell your 3 year old to stop dumping out all the band-aids in the house.  Going for a run however, was "me time", time away from the chores, away from the kiddos for a few minutes.  What I really needed was me time!  AND to add the cherry on top, that was the BEST run I've been on since Hayden was born (I think).  If you read my pre-P90x post, then you know that I was a runner before kids, it feels good to be back at it.  I just ran the furthest I've run since Hayden was born, and non-stop!  And I still have energy.  It feels good!

DAY 2- Core Synergistics:  This is only my 3rd time doing core synergistics in the 8 weeks that I've been going, and I always feel like I over think it.  The funny thing is though, that Tony's "tip of the day" for this work out is to engage, and repeats twice "THINK".... Engage your core, think about engaging.  Core synergistics is a total body work out, but when you're core is engaged in the moves, it's a core work out.  Some of the moves, I have the engaging the core down, some of them, I'm probably way off.  I get another go at it on Friday.

DAY 3- Kenpo:  Still love me some kenpo!  And no children were injured in kenpo today, which is always a plus! It is HUMID today so my work out got extra steamy, I even had to lose my glasses because they kept fogging up. 

DAY 4- X Stretch:  Took today as my rest day.  I didn't intend for that to happen, but our morning was jam packed and I was exhausted by the afternoon/evening.

DAY 5- Core Synergistics:  Take 2 of Core Synergistics and I'm starting to feel a little better about it.  There's just nothing like rolling around on the floor to the commands of Tony Horton shouting out "Banana!" "Superman!"  (Sarcasm...)

DAY 6- Yoga:  Rough morning.... I started to get my work out in and found myself getting frustrated with the kiddos. They weren't wanting to cooperate with Mommy's schedule today, so about 15 minutes in, I gave up and swept the kitchen floor that by then was completely covered in Cheerios.  It happens!  Intended to pick yoga back up in the evening and never got to it.  Will get at it tomorrow.

DAY 7- Rest!:  Sundays are tough, I definitely prefer for them to be my rest days because I enjoy the family time and relaxation, and also we have church the first part of the day.  But I was not about to make this another week of missing 2 work-outs.  That has happened before and I spent the next week beating myself up far too much about it.  So now that it's Sunday, it's going to be a I missed 1 work out kind of week already.  This evening I went for a run with the boys in the jogger, and when I got back, I did 30 minutes of yoga. 

..... And with the end of this week, month TWO is OVER!!  Will get some measurements and photos up later this week.

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