Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hayden's mustache party!

Our little man turned ONE today!!  And we celebrated and had lots of fun with a unique theme-- MUSTACHES!  Some people have been calling it a "little man" party, and I guess we could call it that.

We had a small family only gathering here at our house.  We were limited to having his party on his actual birthday and subsequently a week night due to Daniel's work schedule.  I personally like it that way and feel that having it on his actual birthday makes it extra special.

We served dinner of Baked 4 cheese penne along with salad with a variety of veggie toppings... And of course there was cake, or at least cupcakes.

Here are some photos from the little man's shindig.

The Invite:
Customized with the mustache and purchased from Holly at Confetti Prints

 The Decor:

Mustache balloons from Birthday Express
A last minute decoration I made for the door
You may remember my birthday banner from my bunting tutorial.
Cupcakes by yours truly

Cupcake toppers by myself, simple card stock, clip art, and text boxes
Mustache smash cake by me

Mustache chocolate lollipops, the candy mold was ordered from Amazon
Mustache straws also from Birthday Express

The table scape :)
 The Birthday Boy:
New birthday shirt from Ooe & Auti
New mustache diaper by Kanne Krafts

He barely even picked at the cake-- not what any of us were expecting to happen.
LOVED the chocolate lollipops though!
 Happy happy birthday sweet Hayden! We love you SO much and hope that you enjoyed your special day.  We look forward to many more birthdays with you.

** Also, if anyone is interested, I have been reminiscing on Hayden's birth today, and you can read his birth story too, here if you're into birthy details. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little crochet

My latest crochet project was for our friends we threw the Peach Baby Shower for. A sweet blanket for the little girl on the way.  It's called the "Bobble Baby blanket" and I found the pattern over here at Maybe Matilda.  It was my first time making this blanket and I LOVE it!  I really do.  The bobbles are super cute, and I just love the ruffly border.  I definitely plan on adding the ruffle border to future projects.  I made it about the size of Leeland's favorite current blanket, so it will grow with her a bit.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Peach Baby Shower

This past weekend, I hosted my very 1st baby shower-- I've attended several baby showers over the years and had a few myself, but this was my 1st time hosting one.  The couple wanted the shower to have a peach (in color) theme for their little girl on the way and it was a little bit of a challenge, mostly because it's difficult to find peach colored party supplies.  So thinking outside of the box, this is what I came up with--

The Invite:
Purchased from the Paperclutch Shop
The Decor:
Since peach paper products were difficult to get my hand on, we had to have some accent colors.  Chocolate brown and ivory.  And then I got creative (with the help of Pinterest) with making some decor myself.  The goal was to have some decorations that could be re-used in the nursery, which was already painted 2 shades of peach.
I made the tissue pom poms using this tutorial and the lanterns came from here.

Peach balloons came from a party supplier on ebay.
And you may remember the bunting from my tutorial that can be found here.
Flowers from Aldi on each table.
 The Food:
The shower was in the afternoon so it wasn't really necessary to serve a full meal, the goal was to keep it simple and budget friendly, so here is what I came up with.
Bottled water, sweet tea and peach punch.
Peach Punch Recipe-
Mix together 64 oz white cranberry peach juice, 8 oz Sprite, 4 oz Orange Juice and then float a pint of softened orange sherbet on top. 

 Ivory paper products, veggie tray, peanuts, potato chips, chicken salad croissants, a huge bowl of mixed fruit, and cupcakes. (Much of the food was purchased at Costco, I HAVE to recommend their chicken salad, it was "Comfort Cuisine" brand and had cranberries and pecans in it. So yummy!!)
The Games:
1) Guess how big the Mom-To-Be's belly is.  I simply put out a ball of pink yarn and masking tape, the guests would cut off the length of yarn that they thought measured around her belly, wrote their name on a piece of masking tape and taped it to the wall.  At the end of the shower, we announced who was closest.
2) The Baby "Poo" guessing game. (Requested by the Mom-To-Be.)  Melted various candy bars into diapers which were passed around for the guest to guess which candy bar was in the diaper.
3) Notes to the baby-- inspired from Pinterest, the guests filled out these cards...
4) A math game-- I made up a poem for the couple where as I read statements, the guests would add or subtract points and whoever had the most points at the end of the game won.

The presents:
It's safe to say that little Kaylee will be one spoiled little girl! :)

The Favors:
Up-cycled baby food jars decorated with the same fabrics I used to make the bunting.  These were out on the tables for each guest to take home.  Some of them had Hershey Kisses and others had M&M's.  It worked out perfectly with Valentine's candy being out in the stores-- the wrappers of the kisses and the M&M's were shades of ivory and pinks which is pretty perfect for a little girl's baby shower.

All that is left is to anxiously await the arrival of the precious little girl!  

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change."
-James 1:17

Thursday, February 7, 2013

M. I. A.

I've been missing in action to the blogging community for a little while-- I swore I was going to do better this year, and yet here I am a few weeks out from the last post.  Just wanted to pop in and say that there are fun things coming!  I'm hosting a "peach" (as in the color) theme baby shower this weekend that I will hopefully have lovely photos of, and we are 12 days out from the Hayden Meister's 1st birthday!!  We're celebrating with a mustache party. 

More coming soon loves, but for now I'm off to enjoy my 2 cups of coffee for the day.