Thursday, June 20, 2013

No More Excuses (Before Pics)

No more excuses.... it's time to bring it... time to really work out!

What have been my excuses?

-The kids have been involved in the majority of my excuses as to why I can't work out-- can't do it daily, or can't make a commitment.
-I was nursing and couldn't figure out how to balance pumping and feeding baby.  (Still nursing, just not making the excuse anymore.)
-It's too hard. Yea, I went there.
-I want to spend time with my family.
-Daniel's schedule.  It makes it difficult to squeeze in work outs on his days on shift.

..... It's time to toss those excuses out the window.  It won't be easy, but I've really let myself go since having kiddos and I have REALLY REALLY struggled accepting my post- two babies body.

I haven't always been this way.  The year before Daniel and I got married, I ran my very first half marathon along with several 5k's and a 5 mile race.  That year (2008) I became a race addict. I ran at least 4 days a week and yearned for my next race and the adrenaline pump that it would bring.  I felt SO incredibly accomplished after my first half marathon and had the full intention of running it again the following year... The following year (2009) when that half marathon came around again, I was a married woman and 3-4 months pregnant with Leeland.  I know that lots of women run while they're pregnant, but I didn't feel comfortable with it.  I went on lots of long walks but I nixed the running.  I was still determined that after Leeland was born (2010) I would do that half marathon again, but juggling my lifestyle as a new mom, nursing Leeland, and Daniel working 2 jobs and going to school made it difficult to find the time.  I struggled in my training and was only able to run the women's only 5k.  Still an accomplishment but not what I had set out to do.  I was determined that the next year, I would run that half marathon, but guess what 2011 brought again.... I was pregnant.  Again I didn't feel comfortable running... 2012 brought Hayden, more nursing, juggling 2 kids, and an even funkier on shift/off shift schedule for Daniel.

It has been a constant battle mentally, physically and emotionally trying to get back in shape.  The time has been a huge issue with two kids!  I'm a stay at home mom with two very little boys (age 3 and 16 months) Daniel works 12 hour nights 4 days a week and then has 4 days off, (the first day he's sleeping of course.)  The timing is really key with the kiddos, if I want to be focused.  And then mentally, I'm not as fit as I was in 2008, I've had 2 kids and I've taken lots of breaks along the way.  It's really hard when I go for that first run and can barely accomplish a mile, when before I was running at least 3 miles 4 days a week.

My body bounced right back after Leeland was born.  I was back in my previous clothes, and aside from stretch marks, my stomach looked the same.  It was mostly breastfeeding that brought it back I'm sure, but a few runs here and there helped.  I sort of assumed the same would happen after Hayden was born, and it didn't.  I have a more "fluffy" belly, my jeans are super tight, and my arms flap.  I'm not proud of these attributes, and it's an emotional battle getting dressed everyday and wondering what my friends and family think about my post second baby body.  After some motivation from Daniel and a friend, I decided that it's time to do something about it.  Enter P90x.   I started this past Monday (17th).

The next 90 days are gonna be a struggle and a battle that I plan to document here.  Documentation to the world is going to be what holds me accountable.  At the end of the week, I'm not gonna want to get on here and blast to the world that I didn't do 2 of my work outs.  I want to be open and honest about my work outs and my results here in hopes to motivate others, and to see the results for myself.

So without further ado, here are some before photos (Please be kind, these were really difficult for me to post to the world) and some before measurements.

Please be kind reading my numbers.  I actually didn't even want to post them but Daniel talked me into it.  I had planned to just post the change later on without saying any before or after numbers, (ex- I lost 10 pounds, down 2 inches.)  We felt like this was a time to be real and thought it would be motivating to other real women out there to hear the actual numbers.


Weight: 188.6 pounds
Chest: 39 inches
Biceps: 13 inches
Thighs: 26 1/4 inches
Waist: 38 1/4 inches
Hips: 44 1/2 (They don't lie.)

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