Saturday, March 18, 2017

Baby FOUR is......

The guessing game has come to an end as we got a peek at our precious little babe Thursday and found out the gender of our fourth little one as a family today.  I applaud all of you Moms and Dads out there who are able to wait until birth!!  Seriously.  That takes some amazing strength.  I tried hard with the third, and this time I just knew that I did't want another ugly cry meltdown over it.  Haha!

Seeing this precious little one the other day was the biggest treat of all.  Even the fourth time through, I'm just in awe at technology and the beauty of God's creation.  Even more exciting that this was Daniel's first time seeing baby number 4, and hearing baby's heartbeat live rather than a recording on my phone from a doctor's appointment.

Tiny little baby feet


This sweet little face just has me an awe.  They estimate that baby only weighs 10 ounces.  Can you believe the beauty of God's creation?  Just AWE! 

Over the last 19 weeks, my ideas for a gender reveal have changed and evolved and in the last couple weeks we had to change our original plan because space and time was not on our side.  With a little improvisation though, we're super excited that we were still able to have a little fun with the reveal and find out together as a family of 5.  (Which was the end goal!)  They don't allow children under the age of 7 in the ultrasound room at the doctor's office (totally understandable) so the important thing was just being surprised with the big boys and having them involved.

I have no doubt that many of you just scrolled right through the above in excitement.  I would probably do the same if I'm really honest with you, so without further ado, baby number four is....

20 weeks on Monday!!  So we are half way to meeting our first baby girl.  We can't wait to meet you Evelyn!! Keep praying that she grows healthy and strong.  

Friday, March 3, 2017

The guessing game!

I thought it would be fun to build up the excitement a little with some guessing games in regards to number four's gender before we find out.  This pregnancy has thrown me for a loop.  It has definitely felt different!  (In more than one way.)  But the question is, does it feel different because we are adding our first little girl to our family? OR does it feel different simply because it only took FOUR times for my body to finally figure out how to be pregnant?  Ha!!

Let's go through some wives tales and see what they say:
  • Carrying high-- girl
  • Baby's heart rate over 140-- girl
  • Sweet cravings-- girl
  • LESS morning sickness-- boy
  • Acne-- girl
  • A "ball looking" bump-- boy
  • Craving less protein-- girl
  • Happy mood-- boy
  • Headaches-- boy
  • Age + month of conception (even number)-- boy
A little bit all over the place to say the least when it comes to the wives tales.  And the reality is that when I was pregnant with the other three, predictions were all over the place too.  

So naturally I decided to take a closer look at some other tests....
  1. The Chinese calendar-- girl
  2. Pencil test-- boy
  3. Urine/baking soda test-- girl
  4. Ring on a string test-- girl
So we're up to 8 tests that say girl and 6 tests that say boy! 

Our ultrasound with our doctor is scheduled for March 16th.  It's taking everything in me to not go up to Tiny Toes and pay for the gender ultrasound, which is REALLY REALLY weird for me.  Every time before this one, I have thought doing something like that would be a total waste of money and it didn't make sense to me why people don't just wait.   At this point, we are not planning to find out right away in the ultrasound room-- we are wanting to do some sort of reveal as a family.  Of course all of that is pending my emotions don't take over and boil into an ugly cry like last time we thought we would wait to find out. Haha!

The reality is that I don't really care what baby's gender is.  (Although I do want to know either way!) I know the common assumption that I hear anytime someone hears that I'm pregnant is that I want a girl, or that they are praying we have a girl, or that we must have been "trying for" a girl.... but it really doesn't matter to me.  Sure, a girl would be a first for us and that would bring about some new excitement, but the reality is that I LOVE being a boy Mom too!  They are so sweet and so fun.  This pregnancy being different, along with some chronic health issues has brought about some anxiety about the little one that I have the privilege to carry, and I just pray that no matter the gender, our precious little one is healthy and I'm thankful for the honor and excitement to bring another baby into our family!  Join me in praying for a healthy baby.

...But of course in the spirit of excitement, what's your guess?  Were the wives tales accurate for you?  Anymore tests or tales that I should look in to?