Sunday, July 28, 2013

P90x Week 6 Wrap Up

WEEK 6!!!  That means I'm almost to the half way point!  Can't believe it.  I was REALLY disappointed in myself for missing 2 work outs last week.  Still recharging my batteries at the beginning of this week and still dragging a little, but trying to really pick it up and push hard.

DAY 1- Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Ab Ripper:  Man, those slow motion push ups get me every single time.  They are TOUGH!  Really feeling the burn in my arms and my chest this week.  Hopefully those biceps are growing even more.  Loving ab ripper these days.  Able to complete and kick up with the full 25 reps on each move and that feels really good!

DAY 2- Plyometrics: Still dragging from last week, Daniel suggested I take some pre-workout today to help with motivation/energy.  First time I've taken it since starting p90x and I think I had the BEST plyo day I've had since I started. Felt great, and sweated PROFUSELY! And you gotta love working out post 2 babies, hopping around the best you ever had and suddenly peeing yourself when you didn't even know you had to pee..... sigh.... Being a mom.  I guess those 2 kiddos were worth the wet shorts.  HAHA!

DAY 3- Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper:  ahhh, back and biceps.  I am so sore this week!  Especially my arms. Bicep workouts usually come fairly easily to me, but today my arms are roasted.

DAY 4- Yoga:  I wouldn't say that yoga is anywhere near my favorite work out of the week.  It definitely isn't. But I'm not going to deny that I am enjoying it more now than ever.  It's becoming easier in general, but more than that, it's easier to keep up with video now that I know the moves.  I'm not in a pretzel trying to stare at the screen to figure out what's next.  I can focus, listen to him call out the pose and move right to it without looking up.  That is what I would call progress.  So yes, you heard it, yoga is growing on me.  Today it was late night yoga-- I made the mistake of drinking coffee at 7pm yesterday and was up until 2am.... My whole day was thrown off.  Even the boys were "off" this afternoon, super fussy.  Who know.  Either way, I managed to squeeze it in at 10pm, and I'm proud of that.

DAY 5- Legs & Back: I don't want to assume that I have more readers than I actually do... but let's say I have 3.  (Haha!)  If out of the 3 of you, you have been reading my posts and thinking, "That's all fine and dandy, but there's NO WAY I can work out with my kids."  Then know that I've been there. You may want to go back to my original post, I've made excuses of my kids too.  You have 3 options-- work out early in the morning, work out late in the evening, or be prepared to press pause. Ha!  Today was one of those days.  I hit pause to clean up Hayden's mess of a peanut butter face when he finished his lunch, I hit pause to wipe Leeland's butt, and hit pause to put Hayden in time out.  Brief pauses, but it happens.  I won't claim that it's easy to work out with kids, but it is definitely possible.  With that said, today was legs and back.  I'm feeling the burn in my thighs and sweating this week more than I have before.  Making up for last week, I guess?  I'm still in awe that I'm in week 6, and I'm clearly enjoying it, because I'm already daydreaming and thinking about my next challenge when this 90 days is over.

DAY 6- Kenpo:  Still my favorite! :)  I had hoped to do something more along with the kenpo workout today, but it just didn't happen.  Me and the boys went to the Farmer's Market, picked up some yummy fresh, local fruits and veggies (and goat cheese), had lunch, got home and I actually took a nap!  Naps are rare these days for this Momma, but it felt great.  Felt so productive getting my work out in early and being able to spend some good time with my boys.

DAY 7- Rest!  Well earned this week!  No missed days! YAY!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

1st birthday cake!

It has been a crazy week-- SO much baking!  Kind of insane how many cake orders I have had since I started my p90x journey.  What's up with that!?  Talk about torture, and a test of commitment!  So I already posted about my big dessert bar order this week, I also had to make my nephew's 1st birthday cake.  My sister had the idea of making a giant cupcake, she wanted my nephew to have a giant cupcake to be his "smash cake."  For the most part she gave me creative freedom, she sent me a few photos of cakes she liked as inspiration, but they didn't have a certain theme or anything for his party, so design was fair game.  It was definitely going to be a BIG cake though, because she planned for a lot of family and friends to be there.  Here's what I came up with--

P90x Week 5 Wrap Up

I'm in month TWO!  (... and there's only 3... Haha!)  Have you checked out my 30 day photos?  Not a whole lot of change yet to be seen in photos, but I FEEL fabulous.  Completing more of the work outs than I have and I have so much more energy.  Here's what week FIVE looked like for me--

DAY 1- Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Ab Ripper: My triceps are on fire from this, and this will be my regular Monday work out for the next few weeks.  Also introduced in this work out is slow motion push-ups.  Slow, slow, slow all the way down and then slow, slow, slow all the way up.  It may not sound difficult, but hop in the floor, try a fast push up and then a slow one and then we can talk.  My whole upper body is on fire... Never thought I'd say this, but praise the Lord I have plyometrics tomorrow. Ab Ripper felt great, I love that I'm keeping up with the Ab Ripper DVD these days and look forward to seeing the results from it at the end of 90 days.

DAY 2- Plyometrics: WOW!  With last week being a little different, I haven't done plyometrics in two weeks, and man could I feel it today.  Winded and SUPER sweaty! Whew! 

DAY 3- Back & Biceps and Ab Ripper:  Great workout!  Still needing heavier weights, but I'm still able to do more reps and feel the burn with the lighter ones. 

DAY 4- Yoga:  Missed my workout.  I was insanely busy working on the Dessert Bar order.  The funny thing is though, that as much as I have really disliked yoga over the past few weeks, I was actually looking forward to yoga this week.  Complete turn around, right?  After last week being a little different, this week I am SUPER sore and thinking about all those stretches, sounded so lovely.

DAY 5- Legs & Back:  Got up early and banged it out.  Feeling good.  After missing my yoga day, it was really nice to try to get back on track.  Killed my legs today!

DAY 6- Kenpo:  Another miss!  I was a busy bee trying to bang out my nephew's birthday cake.  Super frustrated this week-- not only did I miss my very 1st work out, but I also missed my second.  I've been working hard in the kitchen, and have really worn myself out.  So exhausted.... and frustrated.

DAY 7- Rest: I had hoped to either make up kenpo or yoga today so that I only missed 1.... but it didn't happen.  We had church this morning and then my nephew's birthday party.  Incredibly exhausted at the end of this busy week and really just couldn't do it.  Super frustrated with my first missed workouts, but trying my best to give myself a little grace.  I started this journey with the idea of "no more excuses"... but ultimately, sometimes life happens.  Hoping to bring it stronger and harder when I jump back into it tomorrow!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dessert "Bar"

I was recently asked to do a cake order for a large group of people (around 75) for a going away party for one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met!  She actually used to be my boss when I worked as the part-time receptionist at our local Pregnancy Care Center.  She is such an incredible woman, a woman of God who breathes scripture with every conversation, a light in the darkness, and a woman of great wisdom.  I LOVED working there, and one of the reasons I loved it so much was not only the ministry but working for such a wonderful woman who loves the Lord and seeks Him in all areas of her life.  It was such a blessing to me to work in the ministry alongside some truly wonderful women, I grew and learned SO much about God, life and myself while there.

So.... on to the dessert bar.  Rather than making one cake that would serve 75 people, with permission, I decided to make a few cakes and some cookies to offer some variety.  I think it worked out well, the cakes got great reviews at the party, and it gave me a chance to try some new recipes and really show a bit more variety of what I can do.

 Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with Ganache Frosting
 Vanilla pound cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

 This was my 1st time doing sunflowers, and I really like how they turned out.  I really feel like they would pop on chocolate frosting though over white.  Now I want to make a cake covered in sunflowers!
 Another hummingbird cake-- this thing was a HUGE hit!  My first time making it was in the last couple weeks for my Dad's birthday.  I had never even heard of it until then, as it turns out, hummingbird cakes are very popular, but many people said that you can't find them anywhere.  From what people were saying at the party, there's only one place in town that makes them.  Glad I made it, and glad everyone loved it so much.
 Peanut Butter cookies
... And my famous snickerdoodles, I say famous.  Really our family just loves snickerdoodles.  And so do the guys that Daniel works with when I made them for them last. 

It was such an honor to be asked to make all these lovelies for the party.  Baking truly is my happy place, and it's even better to bake in honor of such a wonderful woman.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P90x 30 Day Measurements And Photos

Without downplaying my current results, I will remind you that I'm only 30 days in.  30 out of 90.... I still have a long way to go.  Either way, I wanted to keep it real and show progress.  Hopefully you've been reading my weekly wrap ups and enjoying them... if you have, then you know that my current results aren't so much physical, but more mental and emotional.  My current results are....

1. That I have way more energy than I previously had.
2. That I am actually completing and keeping up with the DVD's.  The first time I did Ab Ripper, I only completed 2 sit ups! TWO!  Now I'm doing 25 sit ups. 

I feel great.  I feel strong.  I feel fit.  I feel my body changing.  With that said, here are the photos and measurements for 30 days, there's a good chance that you won't notice much difference in the photos, and that's okay, like I said, I still have 60 days left of the program!
   Pardon the face, before p90x                                                                                30 days

          Before p90x                                                                                                     30 days

            Before p90x                                                                                             30 days

           Before p90x                                                                                               30 days

Some of you may be able to see a difference in the photos, and some of you may not, and that's okay.  It's subtle changes so far.  Remember, I'm only 30 days in.
Photo Credit
..... And now for an update on measurements--

Before P90x:                                                                                        30 Days:
Weight- 188.6 pounds                                                                         Weight- 185 pounds
Chest- 39 inches                                                                                  Chest- 38 1/4 inches
Biceps- 13 inches                                                                                Biceps- 14 3/4 inches
Thighs- 26 1/4 inches                                                                          Thighs- 27 7/8 inches
Waist- 38 1/4 inches                                                                            Waist- 34 7/8 inches
Hips- 44 1/2 inches                                                                              Hips- 41 3/4 inches

A loss of 3 pounds, losing inches in the waist and hips, I'll take that for 30 days!  The bicep measurements are done while flexing, so the increase shows an increase in muscle.  And well, not that I want my thunder thighs any larger, but we're building muscle there too.

Making progress!  Stay tuned, because before I know it, it'll be time for a 60 day post. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

P90x Week 4 Wrap Up

A little something different this week-- when I first looked at the schedule, I assumed that it was a "light week" before I head into month two.... but I'm here to tell you, there's nothing light about this week.  Working hard leading into those 30 day measurements and photos!

DAY 1- Yoga:  Completed 30 minutes of yoga (with the kiddos, haha!)
DAY 2- Core Synergistics:  Hard to describe this workout-- when Daniel heard I was doing core, he said he wanted to do it with me.  I think we were both assuming it would be something similar to Ab Ripper, and he likes to do abs with me and "enjoys" (as much as you can enjoy pain) the Ab Ripper DVD.... That is not at all what this is.  Core Synergistics is a total body work out, but while you are doing the moves, your core is still being strengthened and used.  If that makes sense?  Many of the moves are quite difficult, and this being my 1st go at this DVD, I look forward to a second shot at it this week.

DAY 3- Kenpo: I still love kenpo!  After working out today, I just have to say that Tony Horton is one smart dude.  I've done kenpo once a week for the past month, but today in a different sequence, different day of the week, and following other exercises, it felt different.  Worked up a serious sweat and feeling more motivated than ever!

DAY 4- X Stretch:  Woke up pretty sore, and I haven't been sore much since week 1.  This varied week must be doing some good work to make me feel that way.  X Stretch was pretty awesome this morning, I have much more patience with it, than I do yoga. (haha!)  And it felt REALLY great to my sore muscles.  Definitely a DVD to keep around after p90x is over.

DAY 5- Core Synergistics:  Take 2 of core synergistics.  Maybe I'm over thinking things, but I feel like this work out is going to take some practice-- in the back of my mind, I'm constantly trying to figure out if I'm doing it right based on what I feel in my core, and I don't always feel something in my core with each move.  I'm sure I will get to give this workout another go at some point in the next 60 days, so we'll see how it gets better over time.

DAY 6- Yoga: Skipped... yes, I skipped... The first work out that I've skipped since I started.  Though I will say I didn't intend for it to be skipping, I decided to swap day 6 for day 7 and have this day be my rest.  Not that I have to explain myself, but if you are curious, I woke up in a foul mood, couldn't get motivated, the weather has been yucky and the boys had LOTS of energy that they were using for destruction.  Life happens.

DAY 7- REST:  Supposed to be my rest day, however I was supposed to make it yesterday's yoga.  It didn't happen. What DID happen however was push mowing the yard for an hour and half! Surely that makes up for an hour of yoga? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hummingbird Cake

We celebrated my Dad's birthday today with family and of course I always bake the sweets in the family, so when my Mom asked, I told her "Of course I'll whip something up for him!"  I've made a lot of pound cakes lately and was looking for something new to try, so I ventured over to Pinterest, sorted through some of my boards and found something that I pinned who knows when, never made, and sounded delicious.

The Hummingbird Cake-- it was described to me as a cake with the flavors of carrot cake, lots of cinnamon, nuts (pecans), and cream cheese frosting, but it is made with bananas and pineapple (no carrots).  As soon as it was in the oven, from the smell running throughout the house, I KNEW it was going to be delicious.  (Confession-- YES! Even though I am eating cleaner and doing P90x, I did try a slice of cake.  The beauty of having kiddos though is that Hayden at much of my slice and I walked away free of guilt but still being able to taste test the latest creation.)
 Look at all that pecan goodness partying amongst the cream cheese frosting! Yum!

 Leeland loved it!
This is what happens when you take pictures holding a fussy toddler... But, you get the point of what the inside is like. 

Want to try to make one yourself?  Here is the Hummingbird Cake Recipe that I used.  Go whip one up, it really does taste amazing.... and the cream cheese frosting is to die for!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sprayground Fun!

Nothing like beating the Summer heat with a little cool water!  We hit the local sprayground/ spray park today with some friends.  I was fully prepared for either 1 or both of the boys to not enjoy it, but they both LOVED it!  There were so many varying sprinklers and lots of picnic tables so that we could enjoy a little lunch amongst the play.  This was our first time going, and we will definitely be going back!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

P90x Week 3 Wrap Up

DAY 1 Chest & Back and Ab Ripper:  It sounds funny to say that you're already getting stronger and it's only on week 3, but it's truth.  All this month I've been doing the same work outs each week, many of the work outs are not numbered and you just set a goal and try to go to burn out.... Well today I found myself doing more push ups than I have before and more sit ups than I have before, I feel (and see) myself getting stronger already and it makes for great motivation!

DAY 2 Plyometrics: Started SO strong and got to thinking how great week 3 was feeling.... and then I started having bouts of dizzy spells.  It was super frustrating.   My natural instinct was wanting to push through the dizzy spells, but being home alone with two very young boys, that could be a bit dangerous.  Only completed about 40 minutes of the hour.  Dizziness like that has NEVER happened before, so I'm gonna take a guess that maybe it was a low blood sugar or lack of hydration thing early this morning.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again and I'll be back in action tomorrow for a full workout.

DAY 3 Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper:  I really enjoy shoulders and arms-- still need to make it over to Target and exchange the smallest weights I bought for something bigger.  Not knowing what I'd be doing going into p90x, I originally bought a set of 3's and a set of 6's.  I'm going to return the 3's and get either 12's or 15's.  I'm not going for major muscles so I don't mind using a smaller weight and doing more reps to get leaner, but 6's is nothing on some of the exercises.  Saved the ab ripper for the afternoon because Daniel wanted to do it with me, and I kind of like working out/spending time with him. :)

DAY 4 Yoga:  I still am far too impatient for a lot of yoga, but today I did the most yoga I've done yet... I did 40 minutes of the hour and a half DVD.  I don't really understand my distaste of the yoga DVD, I mean, I complete 100% of all the other DVD's everyday!  Whatever.  My goal is to actually complete it one day without wanting to throw a brick through the TV.  Patience and focus, patience and focus.... To make myself feel better about not completing the DVD today, I went on an almost 2 mile run.  It felt really, really great to be running again! 

DAY 5 Legs & Back:  Praise the Lord for nap time!  I didn't manage to get up early enough to get my work out in before the kids woke-- but what I really mean by that is that Leeland has started waking up at 6am again.... Tried to work out while the boys were running around underfoot and it is incredibly frustrating.  I can't focus, I can't give my all for fear that one will run right under me as I'm trying to lunge.... But praise be to God for the little bit of time He chiseled out for me during nap time.  Kidless exercise felt great.

DAY 6 Kenpo:  Leeland was up at 6am again, and this time I had to worry about kicking or punching one of the kids. Ugh! Kenpo is still my favorite day, but early in the morning, I just need my time.  Daniel and I are brainstorming about what to do with Leeland's early wake ups, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.  I can tell you first hand that putting him to bed later doesn't help, he then still wakes at the same time and is just cranky because he went to bed later.

DAY 7 Rest!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

The boys were clearly thrilled about photos today, but without further ado....

Happy Independence Day from our family to yours!

-The Kroh's