Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Surprise Gift

My Grandma wasn't able to make it to Leeland's party a couple weeks ago and dropped by today with a gift.
A BICYCLE!!! Oh bless his little after lunch, peanut butter and jelly face.  He was SO SO SO excited about his very own bicycle.  He definitely didn't anticipate the learning curve ahead. Let's just say the first "ride" resulted in a threenager meltdown.  (Threenager is what I call Leeland these days-- two's were so easy, three's have been an "adventure.")  But once we get him a helmet and give the bike some real action, he'll learn!

And thanks so much to my Grandma for the nice surprise.  We owe many thanks to her and her frugalness.  People who think I'm frugal.... well, where do you think I get it from-- my Grandmother passed it down to my Father, who passed it down to yours truly.  Seriously though, she finds the absolute best deals on kid's stuff! (Bike included.)  She got us lots of cool outdoor things for the kids when we first moved like a sandbox (which is empty and we plan to use as a small pool when it's warm), the castle looking slide in many photos I post, and the kid's picnic table. All for a steal!!  (Oh! And she got the Bob The Builder cake pan I recently used for Leeland's birthday for only like $1 or $2.)

So, awesome gift, and lots of fun ahead as Leeland embarks on the bike learning adventure!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Park Fun

Yesterday we had some family fun at a local playground.  Enjoyed slides and swings and a picnic lunch.  It was nice to get some quality time as a family of four-- I feel like we always have something going on, on Daniel's days off so time together is truly special and cherished.
 We are LOVING the warm and sunny weather and I see many, many more park days in our future!

Purple Ombre Rose Cake

The rose cake first made it's appearance in my life in 2011 when I made it for my parents 15 year anniversary. (See here) And though I love it, I hadn't made the rose cake since.  When I got a wedding cake order a couple weeks ago and the bride said that she likes flowers, I immediately thought of that very cake again-- but this time with COLOR! I love the ombre effect of the fading purples and really love the way that it turned out.  This cake is a good old fashioned poundcake with buttercream frosting.
 The bride also wanted some cupcakes on the side for her family friendly wedding so that the kids in attendance can enjoy them.
Delivering everything tomorrow! Praying it travels well on the 45 minute car ride and praying the bride likes it as much as I do. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

I've had lots of posts throughout my blogging history about a "greener" me and the small changes we've made as a family over time.  Everything from cloth diapers and re-usable shopping bags all the way to re-usable menstrual products. Some of it started out as ways to save money to be more comfortable with me staying at home with the boys, but a lot of it was, and has grown to become a personal conviction.  I know that the Earth is not my permanent home, and I so look forward to my eternal home with my Father in Heaven, BUT until that time comes, I feel that He has called us to be good stewards with what He has given.  I feel like that means money he has provided, our bodies (or temple) and also the land he has provided.  We have been provided with so many great resources from the Earth, things that we need to live, I feel like it should be a daily striving to do better and to be more sustainable. 
Image credit-jtimothyking blog
Today as we celebrate Earth Day, I ask each of you, what changes are you willing to make? Make baby steps, one small change every couple of months can truly make a big difference.  And if you're anything like us, in the process of those small changes, you will grow and you will learn and you will yearn to make even bigger changes!

"The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness,
The world and those who dwell therein. 
 For He has founded it upon the seas,
And established it upon the waters."
-Psalm 24:1-2
 *Our "Earth Day Everyday" diaper is a Fuzzibunz special edition that came out in honor of the Great Cloth Diaper Change in 2011.

And for fun, here's a behind the scenes of my "second shooter"


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leeland is THREE!!!

Today we celebrated our "baby" growing up some more.  Growing up WAY too fast!  Three years ago on this day we became parents to our first son.... (ahhh, reminiscing...)

Leeland has been looking forward to his birthday for a few months now-- the boy LOVES birthdays!  He gets so excited to celebrate with others for their birthdays. I think on my birthday he sang to me at least five times, if not more.  Such a sweet boy he is, but he has been asking about his birthday for about a month now.  The questioning started as I started gathering party supplies, his shirt and he saw his invitations.  So he patiently waited through my birthday, Daniel's, Hayden's and his cousin's, until finally today his came. 

We started the day with church where Leeland got a cute birthday card and some play-doh from the teachers in his classroom.  I thought that was really sweet-- they have lots of kids who come in and out of their class, so it was nice for them to recognize Leeland's birthday.

We had perfect weather for the all outdoor party that we had planned for our family.  (Praise be to God for the gorgeous weather-- I had been praying all month!)  We had a Bob The Builder/construction themed birthday, and we even got a bouncy house.
Spread of food-- BBQ sandwiches with homemade NC style slaw, baked beans, potato chips, and per Leeland's request, watermelon!
 Leeland's Bob the Builder cake that I made. It says "yes we can!" at the top.
 You know me and the themed chocolates/candies.  This birthday is no different, we had chocolate tools for everyone-- saws, wrenches, pliers, hammers.
 The bouncy house was a good time, and since we do family only parties, it really was the perfect size for the few kids to spread out and enjoy it without being on top of each other.
Mr. Hayden was dressed for the party too with his dump truck outfit.... He also was anxiously awaiting his nap. 
In sticking with the construction theme-- wheel barrow for the presents!
 Big boy blowing out his candle.
He was very specific with requests for his birthday this year-- I didn't realize that asking for stuff started so young, but apparently it does.  Some of his requests were a little crazy and some were a bit more doable.  A "really big truck for cars to go in" was one of his requests and my Granny pulled through on that one-- he was glued to his trucks once they were opened and even opted for playing with the trucks over the bouncy house for the last 30 minutes or so of his party.
See... glued to his trucks.  After his party it was time for a nap... and the trucks needed a nap too I guess.

Leeland at THREE years old is such a sweet, fun, loving little boy.  He's so curious and asks 100 questions about the smallest things.  He's super ticklish, loves to be a big helper, and loves hugs and kisses.  He loves to read, go to church, and play with Hayden.  He's obsessed with playing outside and even more obsessed with picnicking outside.  I feel so blessed to be his Mom, and I am so thankful for the past three years and look forward to even more memories with our little man!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We're godparents!!

The most precious little girl arrived on April 8th and that sweet little girl is our goddaughter! We are incredibly excited for our friends (her Mom and Dad) on the birth of their first baby, and I'm pretty smitten to finally have a little girl around to spoil.
 We love you soooo much Kaylee Grace!!

Free Cone Day! (Ben & Jerry's)

Yesterday was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's in case you live under a rock and hadn't heard.  I am ashamed to admit that I nearly missed it... If it weren't for a Facebook post by my old MOPS group we would have missed it!  I saw the post around 10:45am, called Ben & Jerry's to hear that they opened at noon, so I got the boys dressed and we almost immediately jumped into the car to head that way.  The line wasn't long when they opened, only about 15-20 people ahead of us and it went fast.  The donation proceeds were going to Habitat for Humanity this year. 
Leeland enjoyed a cone of strawberry ice cream and I enjoyed a cone of chunky monkey... And Hayden just had some cone. (I tried to share my ice cream with him but he kept turning away.) It's pretty much the ONE time a year that we get Ben & Jerry's (too pricey) and it was SO yummy!

What I failed to capture with the camera yesterday however though, was Leeland SOAKING wet from splashing around by the fountain, and Leeland completely embarrassing me by pulling his pants down and peeing next to the fountain in front of everyone there.  You can rest assure that we had a long talk on the drive home about private parts and who is allowed to see them and about how now that he's a big boy, he can use the potty when he needs to go... I have been assured that this is "normal" boy behavior, which means I guess that I'm in for it with 2 boys. 

And just for kicks and giggles, if you're interested, check out last year's Free Cone Day.  Leeland didn't make near as big of a mess! (And I got a little smarter by choosing strawberry in hopes that it wouldn't stain anything like chocolate.)

Family Photos (Easter)

Family photos get a little bit harder each time-- especially with 2 very active little boys.  Trying to get everyone to look and smile at the same time can be difficult.  But I LOVE these new photos.  It's nice to have some updates since the last ones when Hayden was not even walking.