Friday, August 30, 2013

Ninja Turtle Cake

Yesterday was my niece's 12th birthday and we're celebrating tonight with family.  I was a little shocked when my sister put in the cake request and I found out that she wanted a ninja turtles cake.
1. I wasn't aware that ninja turtles had made a comeback.
2. I wasn't aware that 12 year old girls keep up with superhero cartoons.
But either way, I was excited and nervous for the challenge.  She told me that she wanted a Raphael cake, and I immediately responded that Michealangelo is way better and that he needed to be on the cake too.... and you can't put those 2 without putting 2 more. So this is what I came up with....

It was already a well known fact that I'm a bit ombre obsessed, but I really like how the ombre gives this one a little femnine flair, it is a pre-teen girl after all. 

And for those curious, this is a new recipe-- it's a double chocolate sour cream pound cake, 2 thick layers of pound cake and a whole lot of vanilla buttercream.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

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