Wednesday, August 28, 2013

P90x Week 11 Wrap Up

DAY 1- Chest & Back and Ab Ripper:  Couldn't help but think back and reminisce a little to week 1 and how VERY FEW push ups that I could accomplish.  Confession-- I did a terrible job of writing down my work outs like Tony says to and so I don't recall exactly how many I did, but I'm fairly certain that I could count them on one hand, and then I would do a few on my knees once I burned out.  Now depending on the style of push up (who knew there were so many?) I'm doing upwards of 20 at a time.  Crazy!

DAY 2- Plyometrics:  Busy day today meant that it was a late night work out.  But it's better late than never, right? 

DAY 3- Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper:  Now that I'm almost finished with this challenge, I'm beginning to realize that Tony talks SOOO much!!  In the beginning it was a blessing because it explained each move thoroughly and gave me the rest time that I needed, but today I just found it obnoxious.  I think I shaved 5 minutes off of my work out time just from fast forwarding through his talking. Haha!

DAY 4- Yoga: It took a while for yoga to grow on me, and now that I actually enjoy it, it's often hard to get done.  It's the longest work out of all the DVD's and I've found that it requires the most focus. All of the other DVD's I cancomplete with the kiddos running around, this one, I need focus and peace which I just don't have in my life at this moment.

DAY 5- Legs and Back: Squats, squats, squats... 

DAY 6- Kenpo: Finished up kenpo this morning and still had a bit of energy so me and the boys went for a run with the jogging stroller. Good times, I feel great! Maybe the extra cardio made up for the piece of ninja turtle cake I had last night. 

DAY 7- Rest!  I had really considered running again on this day, but my legs are so sore from the past couple days.... Taking my rest! 

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