Friday, June 7, 2013

Ooe & Auti Giveaway

If you've been a reader for a while then you already know this about me, but if you happen to be dropping in for the first time, then I will just tell you, I LOVE birthdays!!  I'm not just talking about my birthday, I love all birthdays.  They are just all around fun.  (Hence the reason I was involved in the Love & Envelopes birthday girl club for two years.)

But when it comes to my kid's birthdays, I go all out.  I spend months pondering on the theme and searching Pinterest for the latest trends and DIY projects.  The gatherings may be small (for now) since we do family only invites, but the party is not lacking.  Themed invites, good food, decor, and you already know I make the cake... and every year the boys get a birthday shirt. Up to this point, the shirts always have their name and age on them along with a cute graphic that goes with the party.  Daniel seems to think that I can only get away with those until the boys are 5.... but I think we'll go beyond that. Even if they don't want their name on their shirt, they'll still get a themed shirt for sure.

And where do I get these adorable shirts you ask?

At an amazing little shop called Ooe & Auti, and you can find their Facebook here.

Here's just a sampling of the cuteness that you will find from this shop....
 More of Leeland's train party can be found here.
 Hayden's little man mustache party can be found here.
And Leeland's Bob The Builder 3rd birthday here.

Adorable, right?  Leeland actually helped pick out his "scoop" shirt for his 3rd birthday this year, and he anxiously waited for it to come in the mail.  

These shirts take the party decor cuteness to a whole new level, but don't limit yourself to just parties, Ooe & Auti has some fabulous designs for holidays and some really cute quotes and sayings for everyday wear.  Or, have a new addition coming to the family?  Don't forget their big brother and big sister shirts. 

I have been beyond satisfied with the shirts that we've bought from Ooe & Auti.  And even more thrilled with the excellent customer service, if they don't have what you are looking for, just email them, the result of that email could be something super adorable like Hayden's mustache shirt.

Now for the fun stuff-- I'm very excitedly giving away a $25 gift certificate to Ooe & Auti's Shop!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below and be thinking about what you would order with the gift certificate if you win.

If it were me, it'd be a tough choice.... something cute for 4th of July? Or a sweet little shirt in honor of Daniel?
*Photo credit to Ooe & Auti
*Photo Credit to Ooe & Auti

 The giveaway will end at midnight on June 15th. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would buy a super cute shirt for Gavin for his 3rd Bday coming up! You know I'm a sucker for themed Bday shirts as well.

  2. A shirt for Adelaide when she turns 1!!! :)

  3. I would buy a Number Personalized Birthday Shirt or Onesie for Lucy's 2nd birthday party!!

  4. I would the little dancing crab! Adorable.

  5. I love shopping with Ooe & Auti too! I'd get a cute birthday shirt for my daughter's farm themed birthday party. :)

  6. I would love to get a new appliqued shirt and burp cloth for the new baby!

  7. I just received a onesie for my three month old daughter that says "when God made me, he said "Ta Da!" So stinkin' cute! I would love to order more!

  8. I would get a monogrammed newborn gown for my baby girl due at the end of August!