Monday, June 17, 2013

What we've been up to....

We've been without computer all week after our charger frayed.  It worked frayed for a while, which now we know was probably a fire hazard-- I seriously got 1st degree burns from the metal magnet portion of it.  Now that we have a new charger (which doesn't burn you) I am now aware that it's not normal for a macbook charger to get that hot and we probably should've replaced it sooner and never left it unattended. (Oops!)  But here's a little of what our week looked like....

We did lots of playing, while it stormed a few days.
We survived our very 1st vacation Bible school!!  Leeland just became of age to participate this year.  He had a blast and I volunteered with the elementary school aged kids.  It was incredibly fun, even for the adults!  I look forward to many more years of VBS.
I have been working on a couple crochet projects, (and drinking some wine.)
We've enjoyed some yummy eats. (Five Guys is one of our faves.)
We covered the kitchen in finger paint working on Father's Day crafts.
Me and the boys grabbed dinner with my parents and sisters to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday.  We went to a small bistro in a very small town near where we live and Leeland was VERY excited about the fish pond and insisted on a photo with the fish. 
Some more playing.....
And we went on our first swim of the season!  Hayden slept literally the entire time we were at the pool, but Leeland couldn't get enough of the cold water. 
How was your week?  Hope it was well!  The weeks are truly just flying by this year, I can't keep up.  
Only 190 days till Christmas!! 

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