Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leeland is THREE!!!

Today we celebrated our "baby" growing up some more.  Growing up WAY too fast!  Three years ago on this day we became parents to our first son.... (ahhh, reminiscing...)

Leeland has been looking forward to his birthday for a few months now-- the boy LOVES birthdays!  He gets so excited to celebrate with others for their birthdays. I think on my birthday he sang to me at least five times, if not more.  Such a sweet boy he is, but he has been asking about his birthday for about a month now.  The questioning started as I started gathering party supplies, his shirt and he saw his invitations.  So he patiently waited through my birthday, Daniel's, Hayden's and his cousin's, until finally today his came. 

We started the day with church where Leeland got a cute birthday card and some play-doh from the teachers in his classroom.  I thought that was really sweet-- they have lots of kids who come in and out of their class, so it was nice for them to recognize Leeland's birthday.

We had perfect weather for the all outdoor party that we had planned for our family.  (Praise be to God for the gorgeous weather-- I had been praying all month!)  We had a Bob The Builder/construction themed birthday, and we even got a bouncy house.
Spread of food-- BBQ sandwiches with homemade NC style slaw, baked beans, potato chips, and per Leeland's request, watermelon!
 Leeland's Bob the Builder cake that I made. It says "yes we can!" at the top.
 You know me and the themed chocolates/candies.  This birthday is no different, we had chocolate tools for everyone-- saws, wrenches, pliers, hammers.
 The bouncy house was a good time, and since we do family only parties, it really was the perfect size for the few kids to spread out and enjoy it without being on top of each other.
Mr. Hayden was dressed for the party too with his dump truck outfit.... He also was anxiously awaiting his nap. 
In sticking with the construction theme-- wheel barrow for the presents!
 Big boy blowing out his candle.
He was very specific with requests for his birthday this year-- I didn't realize that asking for stuff started so young, but apparently it does.  Some of his requests were a little crazy and some were a bit more doable.  A "really big truck for cars to go in" was one of his requests and my Granny pulled through on that one-- he was glued to his trucks once they were opened and even opted for playing with the trucks over the bouncy house for the last 30 minutes or so of his party.
See... glued to his trucks.  After his party it was time for a nap... and the trucks needed a nap too I guess.

Leeland at THREE years old is such a sweet, fun, loving little boy.  He's so curious and asks 100 questions about the smallest things.  He's super ticklish, loves to be a big helper, and loves hugs and kisses.  He loves to read, go to church, and play with Hayden.  He's obsessed with playing outside and even more obsessed with picnicking outside.  I feel so blessed to be his Mom, and I am so thankful for the past three years and look forward to even more memories with our little man!

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