Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Zoo Day

We enjoyed a trip to the zoo yesterday with friends-- it's only an hour away from us, and yet, the last time we went was April 2012.  The boys had so much fun, we really should go more often!  In the limited time we went, we were only able to do half of the zoo, before enjoying a picnic lunch and heading home.
 The elephants are Mommy's favorite.
 Checking out a giant egg.
Elephant tracking helicopter.
 Too much cuteness! Momma and baby gorilla!
 Hayden was a little weary of the dinosaur exhibit. This was our 1st time seeing the dinosaur exhibit and it was pretty cool. 
 Big dinosaur.  Little Hayden.
 Riding on the carousel with the boys, they really enjoyed spinning the nest.
Family photo op-- not sure what kind of face Leeland was making, but he was making that face in all of the photos.

Well, that's one thing checked off of our summer bucket list!

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