Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Last Friday was the 1st day of Summer!  Though, Summer is NOT my favorite season at all, I've really come to embrace it since having kids simply because the fun and activities of Summer bring so much joy to them.  We flat out can't afford a vacation this year (sad, I know, even sadder that this is the 2nd year), so Daniel and I had talked about just doing some fun activities and spreading them out throughout the Summer, a bucket list we'll call it.  So here are some of the fun things that we have come up with, and we'll see how many we accomplish before Labor Day!  In random order....

1. Go to the NC zoo.
2. Make S'mores.
3. Watch fireworks at least once.
4. Take Leeland to his first movie at the movie theatre.
5. Play miniature golf.
6. Preschool at home-- get through at least 10 letters of the alphabet.
7. Fly a kite.
8. Make (and play with) corn hole boards.
9. Visit the Natural Science Center and aquarium.
10. Go swimming, like a lot!
11. At least 2 date nights for Daniel and I (I know, I know, they're rare.)
12. An ice cream for dinner night (maybe even make our own ice cream.)
13. Have a family tie dye party.
14. Complete P90x.
15. Visit story time at the library (or our church) a few times.
16. Crochet Fall/Winter hats for the boys.
17. Pick lots of organic produce from our very 1st garden!
18. Get the hot tub up and running. (Though we probably won't use the heat part in the Summer.)
19.  Get a sprinkler and have some fun.
20. Plant some flowers/do some landscaping. 

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