Thursday, April 17, 2014

Police Wives Swat Box Swap

Since becoming a police wife, I was referred to some police wife groups online and via Facebook.  I think for most women in my place, they are an outlet to vent and have people understand, and we can bounce ideas off of each other, and share our worries and fears.  We are all over the US, in different walks/stages of life, but what we still share a unique bond.  Being a police wife is very rewarding, and I couldn't be more proud of Daniel, but it isn't easy.  

So one of the groups began doing a police wives swat box swap--  basically, if you were interested, you sent in an email with your name and location and then you were paired up with another police wife.  Both of you fill out a questionnaire about yourselves and you each send each other a box of goodies valued at $20.  I was paired up with a sweet gal in Wisconsin!  How cool is that!?  

Here's what I sent:

My goal was to send her a little taste of North Carolina.  I had to go on a post card hunt to buy these.  I guess people don't really send post cards anymore?  I ended up getting them from a local hotel gift shop.  And I learned something new, I've never heard of "Tar Heel pie", but it sounds amazing.  It sounds like a chocolate chess pie with pecans, and I LOVE me some chocolate chess pie.  

So, as far as flavors of North Carolina--  I couldn't send the box without some Cheerwine because I love it, and it is a NC thing.  I pray the cans didn't get too shaken up on the road to WI.  (I honestly wanted to send them so local beer, but in my search online about mailing beer, I found very different opinions and could never figure out if it is actually illegal to send beer via the mail.)  I also included some NC BBQ sauce, because though I haven't been out of the state too much, I have heard that NC BBQ sauce is quite unique with it's vinegar flavor.  I also discovered along the way that Burt's Bees is made in NC!  Did you know that already?  I sure didn't!  And what better way to pamper a fellow LEO wife (and Mom) than with a "hand repair kit" that has hand creme and cuticle cream, and some tinted lip balm.  Also, in the questionnaire my new pal sent back, she told me that she is a coffee addict, specifically starbucks, so I included a $5 gift card in that starbucks cup.  The thin blue line coffee cozy is one that I made, and the thin blue line hair bow I threw in for her 15 month old daughter.

I also learned that it's customary for fellow LEO's and wives to exchange patches.  Apparently there are even some families out there who are avid collectors of police patches.  So Daniel had an old shirt that was stained and unwearable, and I made use of the extra patch to include in the box as well to send.  

Here's what I received:

....Well, I started this post on March 20th, the day that I sent my box to my partner and the deadline day to get it in the mail.  She emailed me on the 22nd to let me know that she loved the box and had received it and that due to being out of town that week she was running behind on sending hers... specifically said "I've got two items to grab and it will be sent."  

I'm sad to say that today is April 17th, and I have still yet to receive a box..... I have followed up with 2 emails to her, one to ask if it had tracking or was lost, and one out of concern to make sure that she and her husband are ok because you just never know with this profession.  It was always more about the gifting for me than the receiving, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit bummed.  I haven't yet reported her to the group-- if she gets reported for not sending, she won't be able to participate in future swaps.  I don't know what I'm going to do yet, I definitely don't want her to short anyone else if she signs up again, but I also am trying to be understanding that something could've come up/or something serious could have happened and I don't want her to be banned permanently from a simple mistake.  I just wish she would communicate back and know that I'm a very understanding person.  

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