Friday, April 11, 2014

Donut Cake

Some friends of ours are getting married this weekend!  Very exciting times-- it's funny, last Summer I mentioned to Daniel that we hadn't been invited to a wedding in a very long time.  Different stage of  life I guess, I had attended dozens of baby showers over the last year and zero wedding showers. No lie, within a month after I made that statement, Daniel was asked to be IN THREE weddings!  I love weddings though, they are such a sweet time to reminisce on our wedding day, and such a joyous occasion to see friends in love make that commitment for life, and it will be even sweeter when we get invited to even more baby showers out of it. (Ha!)

I was asked by the bride to make a cake for the rehearsal dinner, the groom is a a fellow law enforcement officer and it seemed only fitting to make a giant donut cake.  With sprinkles of course, because the best kind of donuts always have sprinkles.  The cake is a vanilla pound cake with buttercream frosting and the donut "glaze" is pink by her request.

How'd I do?  It definitely looks like the kind of donut I'd want to take a big bite of!  Congratulations Kyle and Courtney!! We couldn't be happier for you guys!  

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