Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I love right now--

It's been since January since I've done a "what I love" post.  I like to do these periodically, just to remind myself and list out all the things that bring a smile to my face.  Here's the last one from January in case you're curious, but here goes my list in random order...

-I love the smile on Hayden's face every time he climbs the stairs and that when he reaches the top, he shouts "Ta da!"

-I love that Leeland is VERY into gardening and praying over our garden.

-I love that Hayden asks for Leeland when he wakes up, and if Leeland wakes up first, he asks for Hayden.

-I love to hear Hayden try to say Leeland's name, he says "eee-yen."

-I love that Leeland drags his "star blankie" everywhere.

-I love that Leeland can quote most of the movie "The Lorax", maybe not necessarily a parenting win, but cute regardless.

-I love that Daniel has the magic baby voodoo and can get Hayden down for a nap in less than 5 minutes most days.

-I love that I'm about to celebrate my third Mother's Day!

-I love that Leeland's first reaction to his superhero cape shirt was a deep concern that even though he was wearing a cape, he still couldn't fly. (I told him to keep practicing.)

-I love that 4 years and 2 kids into our marriage, I still get giddy like a little school girl when it's time to pick Daniel up from work.

-I love peanut butter fudge milkshakes with Oreos mixed in from Cook Out!

-I love that Leeland LOVES to play outside, and even more than that loves to picnic for lunch outside.

-I love that I told Leeland ONE TIME that "sucks" is a bad word, and now if me or Daniel happens to accidentally say it in conversation, he calls us out for it and tells us over and over that it's a bad word.

-I love that both Hayden and Leeland love to go to church and have so much fun playing in their classrooms.

-I love Hayden's fluffy red hair.

-I love the sound of the rain on the roof at night when I go to sleep in our bedroom.

-I love our house!

-I love that the boys think Lilly (the dog) is like the funniest 'person' ever.

-I love drinking coffee in the morning (or afternoon) with Daniel.

-I love baking and all the challenges that go along with cake decorating.

-I love my Shark steam mop.

-I love that Hayden wants to talk so bad but doesn't quite have the words yet and just banters on and on and on.

-I love to hear Leeland sing in the car.

-I love that both Hayden and Leeland are incredibly ticklish and have the most infectious laughs!

........ We have a lot to be thankful for!

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