Saturday, May 18, 2013

Strawberry Picking

Me and the boys went strawberry picking the other day.  We had planned on going as a family of 4, but our schedules have been so crazy busy when Daniel is off work, and I was feeling the pressure that if we waited until everyone was free at once, that the strawberry season would be over.

Strawberry picking this year was definitely different from picking last year!  Last year, sweet little Hayden slept in the Boba the whole time, and Leeland was so good about picking his berries and putting them right into the basket.  He waited until literally seconds after I paid for the berries to dive into them last year..... This year, Hayden kind of wondered and people watched from our row where we were picking, he picked a few blades of grass and a couple leaves off the plants (oops!).  And Leeland, rather than placing the berries in the basket, was shoveling them into his mouth.  I was trying my hardest to keep up with his demand and fill our baskets quickly.

Definitely a yearly tradition that will stick around.  The boys have a good time, and the fresh fruit is SO delicious!!

 When we were done picking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch (and some strawberries) with friends.

This year we bought 2 gallons! At first I felt a little like I had strawberries coming out of my ears, but they are quickly dwindling down.  I've hulled some and put them in the freezer for future endeavors, I made a few dozen strawberry muffins, the boys have nibbled them here and there with their lunches and dinners, and I made a delicious strawberry quinoa salad yesterday.  Now I'm more of the line of thinking that I wish we could go back and get 1 more gallon. 
Happy strawberry picking to you and yours if you plan to go! What do you do/make with all of your fruit loot when you get home?

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