Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day friends! I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating however it is you choose to celebrate. Remembering to thank and pray for those around you who have/are serving.

We are incredibly thankful for each and every one of the brave men and women who have served-- we have several veterans in our family and could not be more proud of each one! But we especially remember and pray for everyone (and their families) who have given their lives.

We spent our day at home, we began to drain and clean the hot tub. We had every intention of getting it running and getting in it this evening with the boys (without the heat on) but we weren't aware that it takes such a long time to drain.... So project to be continued tomorrow. Leeland is exciting to get in "the pool". 

We also weeded the flower beds out back some. Some of the weeds were as tall as Leeland! We're still so new to this home ownership/yard maintenance thing. This is our first summer of keeping up with it all. Not to mention its difficult to maintain and make it all look nice on a tight budget. We've definitely learned that home ownership is a process-- there's always a running list of things that you need/want to be done, but its one step at a time.   

Then we had some yummy dinner and we all had Popsicles, the boys had there's in the wagon as we went on a little walk around the neighborhood. 

So, Happy Memorial Day!! And thank you so much to all of the veterans and their families. :)

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