Sunday, May 12, 2013

My House is a Zoo....

A month or so ago, our local paper asked people to write in (in 250 words or less) why they felt like their house was a zoo.  A winning write up would win 6 tickets to the NC zoo.  We've been wanting to go to the zoo, so I sort of figured, why not!?  This past week, one of the editors emailed me in reply to my submission asking us for a family photo.  It got me excited and had me wondering if we might be winners....  Today, I discovered that those submissions were published to the FRONT PAGE of the Life section of the newspaper.  Sadly we were not chosen as the winning submission, but it's still pretty cool that we were published!
It's hard to read, so here's what I wrote in....

"My house is a zoo because we have two wild boys who are close in age. (They are 22 months apart, age 3 and 1.)
I often feel more like a shepherd herding her sheep than a Mom.
My 1-year-old is my wild child. He is into everything, and I’m constantly chasing him as he runs all over the house, leaving a path of destruction and climbing all over furniture and up and down the stairs.
Though my 3-year-old is a little more calm, he demands lots of attention and is a bit of a drama king at times. I like to refer to him as my “threenager.” You never really know what mood he’s going to be in, and he asks “why” at least 100 times in a day.
In the midst of this craziness raising our boys, my husband is a Greensboro police officer and has an odd schedule. He works nights and makes us so proud as he protects and serves the city of Greensboro, but his schedule and sleep habits make it difficult and a bit crazy to have quality family time.
It feels a bit like a zoo many days, but being the zookeeper of this family is exactly what I was born to do!"

If you're curious about the winning submission or want to read some more submissions, they can currently be found online here.

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  1. I am gonna take you to the zoo soon :) this was so sweet! Jolene