Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I love right now--

-I love that Hayden tries his hardest to repeat everything we say, and his babbles are starting to have a bit of a tune to them.

-I love that Leeland likes to pretend that he's a fireman and is really into "sliding down the pole" like a fireman.  He shouts, "There's an emergency" and will pretend to slide down a table leg... or sometimes my leg.. and run away to "rescue" someone/something.

-I love that every time Hayden is near, or crawls by a pillow, he just cannot fight the urge to lay his head down on it.  So even mid crawl, down goes his head onto a pillow.

-I love when Leeland hugs and kisses "brother".

-I love how incredibly excited Hayden gets about bath time and stands by the tub as the water is filling it, bouncing up and down practically trying to climb in himself with his clothes still on.

-I love how incredibly snuggly both of our boys have been in the recent weeks, and that Leeland will actually say he wants to snuggle.

-I love that Leeland has become obsessed with one of his blankies, and like Linus and his blanket, it travels most places with us.

-I love that Leeland has become a great helper and wants to do things like push the cart in the grocery store and load up the conveyor belt at the check out, along with pick up his toys (most of the time) when asked and hold the dust pan when I sweep.

-I love Hayden's precious giggle, and how incredibly ticklish he is.

-I love that both boys enjoy church and get excited about playing in their classrooms.

-I love that kisses make all "boo boos" better.

-I love that I'm nursing an 11 month old and that we've made it this far.

-I love that Leeland tells me "good job" when I go potty on the toilet. (Potty training was very entertaining.)

-I love Leeland's yearning and anticipation of what's next and everyday before nap time and every night before bed time asks "What we doing?" to know what's going to happen when he awakes.

-I love the joy that birthdays bring to Leeland, how excited he gets about parties, cake and singing happy birthday to others. (Can't wait to see how excited he gets for his own this year.)


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  1. Hi Dana! Thank you so much for your lovely birthday card! I am enjoying poking around your blog:)