Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farmer's Market Finds

Leeland and I met one of my friend's at the Farmer's Market yesterday morning. I was supposed to meet her there at 8am. I had the alarm set for 6am, and I had every intention of getting up early before Leeland woke up (he usually wakes around 730 or 8), getting my shower and spending some good quiet time just me, my Bible and a cup of coffee. That is what I intended, but instead I woke up to the sound of a text message on my phone from my friend at 8am that said "I'm here". I jumped out of bed, threw on shoes, grabbed a Starbucks doubleshot from the fridge, changed Leeland, made a bottle and ran out the door. I was so frazzled and so disappointed in myself for potentially upsetting my friend and also not getting that good time that I had planned with the Lord.

Once we got to the Market, all was well again. I went with the intentions of of buying goat cheese spread, I have been craving it for weeks (and NO, I am NOT pregnant, I just get crazy cravings sometimes). I not only got my delicious goat cheese but a few other things as well-- some fresh eggs, pork country sausage, chipotle pimento cheese, and a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk.

When we got back from the Market, Leeland was getting fussy and ready for his morning nap. We're very lucky-- Leeland currently still takes 2 naps a day. Once I got him fed breakfast and down for his nap, I decided to cook myself some breakfast.
So with Leeland down for a nap I got to enjoy my delicious breakfast and get some good reading in and take my shower all after the Farmer's Market. Isn't it funny when we have plans and intentions that don't go as planned but work out for the better. I don't know that anythings better than reading God's Word with a side of fresh eggs and toast with goat cheese!

And I will leave you with a couple smiles from yesterday-- a beautiful weekend it has been, but it's back to work tomorrow.
A boy and his balloon


  1. I got in some quality knitting time waiting for you ;) The farmer's market was great, as always, and it was fun hanging out with you and the life of the party, Leeland!

  2. i cannot wait til our farmers market opens again! yay! and i love those spring cupcakes in the post below! happy day, friend!