Saturday, March 5, 2011

Party planning.

    We've got 1 month to go until our little man turns ONE!!! Can you believe it? Because I sure can't! The party planning officially began last week. We made reservations at Chick-Fila for his birthday party. Isn't that AWESOME!? Daniel and I absolutely love Chick-Fila and Leeland actually tried chicken tenders for the 1st time a couple weeks ago and loved them. Just FYI, he hasn't had them since, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that we are in the habit of feeding our kid junk or anything. But when's a better time for him to eat junk than his birthday! Chicken nuggets and cake!!!
   So his party them is dinosaurs and I started gathering things for the party today. I ordered plates and napkins online that have cute dinosaurs on them and say "Roarrrrr!". Once they come in the mail we are going to head to party city to get matching utensils, balloons, table cloth and cups-- I'm thinking solid colors from the plates like bright blue, green and orange. Then I went to AC Moore today to pick up a 3-D teddy bear cake pan which I will transform into a dinosaur.... sounds weird but I found the directions online and it works. I've even picked up a few presents for him already, dinosaur PJ's, a dinosaur t-shirt. I'm SO excited, it is going to be such a good time!!

For those curious, here is the picture of the teddy bear and picture of the dinosaur--

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