Sunday, March 20, 2011


Okay, so I'm being a little dramatic with the title of this post, but I have some sad news. I was not accepted to be a vendor at the First Friday Indie Market :0(    I know, I know, I appreciate the virtual hugs and pats on the back. The Indie Market only has 32 spaces and they say that they received tons of applications and I was one of the rejected ones. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed-- I definitely was hopeful for at least the opportunity. But with that said, it's probably for the best for my sanity right now. Leeland and I have been sick for the past 2 weeks, so I have been playing catch up around the house and getting a lot of much needed rest. With all the resting, I haven't done much sewing-- I'm sure you noticed that I have done any recent crafty posts. I had high hopes to do tons of sewing for the market and so far I have only gotten 4 nursing covers done. And here's a peak....
2 nursing covers 
Adjustable neck strap with D rings.
pretty fabric!
So I made 2 nursing covers with the blue fabric and 2 nursing covers with the floral fabric. I'm really happy with them-- they are made of super cute fabric, they have adjustable neck straps and I even added in boning to the top so that the top sticks out and mommy can see baby, but no one else can.

I plan to continue crafting for the market through the next month and I'll apply for the May market. Maybe then I will be more prepared and I'll get accepted :D We'll see. I will definitely be attending the April market and supporting the local vendors and a friend I know who will be there.


  1. aw the title of this post is so SAD :o( but perhaps it is for the best. I'm sure you'll be accepted for the next one and then you'll have lots of time to prepare for it, have lots of lovely things to sell, and now you won't have to spend the next to weeks being super stressed. i'm so sorry y'all been sick.

    i'm glad you're still gonna come visit :o)

  2. Dana, you should create an Etsy store!!! And I am hoping you'll agree to make me a new nursing cover closer to when this baby boy is due!

  3. hey, there's always next time! and i agree..etsy! or big cartel has a free option that i am using right now for my wreaths!