Sunday, March 13, 2011

11 months!

Leeland will be 11 months old tomorrow!!!! Wahoo!!! Party planning is in full focus, I've already got the dinosaur plates and napkins along with the cake pan for the dinosaur cake. I will be ordering the dinosaur birthday invitations in the next week along with his birthday boy t-shirt. In the meantime, I took Leeland out for a little photo shoot today at the Bicentennial Gardens. It didn't go as well as I thought it would, 1. He's sick and is having a hard time breathing, and 2. He hasn't been outside much because it is just now starting to warm up so he was very distracted by the grass, mulch, rocks, trees, flowers.... and tried to eat it all.
--Leeland is walking somewhat now! He still does a lot of furniture walking, but walks some on his own taking anywhere from 5-10 steps. He still finds that crawling is faster so it just depends on what he's after and how quick he wants to get there.

--We are gradually weening him off of formula and off of his bottle. We are down to only 2 bottles of formula a day, one in the morning and one at night. The rest of the day, he is eating snacks or drinking organic whole milk from a sippy cup.
--Also should mention that after lots of hard work, he is getting the hang of the sippy cup. We found a sippy cup that he likes and has a good flow for him that he can keep up with. The package said that it was spill proof but we are finding that it's not entirely spill proof so that is the only struggle we are having at this time.
--Leeland is a GREAT eater and is doing really well with his solids. He really likes to eat all sorts of chopped up fruits and vegetables. He also tried chicken tenders for the first time this past month and fell in love with them. (Hence why his birthday party will be at Chick-Fil-A)
--He is such a little sponge these days and enjoys reading and learning. He repeats words after us, some sound clearer than others. Some words that he knows are.... doggy, cup, bottle, ball, bear, baby.

I say this a lot, but we truly are in awe of how fast he is growing, and he is becoming more and more adorable each day. Next month we will be celebrating his 1st birthday and I absolutely cannot wait! We are so in love with our baby boy and we are enjoying every minute, moment, and milestone.


  1. There is no spill-proof cup out there, unfortunately :( You'd think someone would have invented one by now!

  2. Amen! Well and there are some that are more spill-proof than others, but Leeland can't seem to get any drink out of them. Poor thing sucks until his face turns red for one sip. lol. Good thing is that apparently Lilly doesn't mind organic whole milk and she follows him around lapping up the little spills. What a good dog she is! :0)

  3. have i told you i loved leeland's name? makes my heart skip a beat.

  4. Thanks Danielle! It's the only boy name that my husband and I could agree on. I guess we're in for it if we ever have another little man. Leeland is actually the name of my favorite band, the lead singer's name is Leeland Mooring. They're a contemporary Christian band and they are pretty fantastic. Baby Leeland will probably find it quite silly when he's old enough to know that we named him after a band.

  5. Hey! I am new to your blog but I noticed your from Greensboro NC. You're son is so precious :) I will definitely tag along and be a friend.

  6. Thanks for following Tia! :D