Sunday, March 13, 2011

My love of Bare Minerals.

My readers may recall my rant about buying cheap make-up in this blog post, at the time Daniel and I were broke and my Bare Minerals, though I am in love with it, and though in my personal opinion it is THE BEST, it can be expensive. Part of the reason it was going to be so expensive at that particular time was that I had ran out of my foundation, mineral veil and blush all at once. That has never happened before, typically it's just one item at a time.
Anyways, since I ranted on and on about my love for my make-up, I thought that I would show you guys exactly why I love my Bare Minerals. The picture you about to see is a bit frightening but here is my before make-up face....
Now, my make- up routine consists first with a little moisturizer. I typically use Aveeno, but this past time I was trying to save a little money and bought the Target brand version, and I actually really like it. You can't even tell a difference!
Next is all over Bare Minerals foundation. My shade is "fairly light" which is the second lightest shade that they make. I don't need anyone to tell me how fair skinned I am, I know I am, and all of my co-workers know how fair I am after I pulled out my skirts a few weeks ago when we had 60 degree weather. Moving on.... after I have done my all over coverage of foundation using the full-coverage brush I fill in a little with the concealer brush if I happen to have blemishes, because, though I am in my mid 20's, I still occasionally break out like I'm 13. Bare Minerals makes a great concealer brush and you just use your regular foundation to conceal. It works like a charm!
Once all of that is done it is time for blush. If you buy the basic Bare Minerals kit, the blush that you will get is called "Warmth" and it is pretty awesome! Anyone who has lived with me or knows me well will know about my love affair with warmth. However I decided to try something new this time when I made my Bare Minerals purchase. It was a risky move considering how much I truly love warmth but they had a new product out and I wanted to give it a try. It is called "Faux and Foxy" and it's supposed to give a summer glow. I would compare it to a bronzer and the color is called "faux tan." The kit came with a cute little full-coverage brush and also some lip gloss. I was hesitant because of my fair skin using a tone that seemed so dark but I just dabbed a little and I think it looks really good. It gives my fair skin a little color. I didn't use the brush that came with it to apply it though, because I didn't want to apply as much that would be considered full-coverage, too much would definitely look ridiculous with such fair skin. I decided to save that cute little brush for applying my foundation. And as far as the lip gloss goes, it feels really nice on and looks decent, I'm just not a lipstick gal so I feel like I look weird in any lip gloss.
So once that's all done, I add my eye liner if I am choosing to wear it that day. Sometimes I feel like it, sometimes I don't. It is also Bare Minerals, the color that I use is a dark brown called "Fashionista" and it came in a kit with 3 other brownish shades and the eye make-up brushes. Once that is done, I add eye shadow if I am wearing it that day, a lot of times I feel like I look better and more natural with out it. And then I do an all over coverage of mineral veil to set my make-up and take away any shine, and then my mascara. That is something that I go cheap on, any girl would recognize the hot pink and green mascara. And I use black of that.
And finally, here is my after picture. A little less scary than my before picture.
And that's it! It only takes me about 5 minutes to do my make-up which is great since we have a little one who doesn't give me much time to get ready. And I know that I said that the Bare Minerals is "expensive" but really if you are just starting out it isn't that bad. The starter kit sales for $60, and it comes with 2 shades of foundation, mineral veil, warmth and all of the brushes. All of that bought separately would cost you well over a $100. I would suggest if you plan to buy, to go into a store like Ulta so that you can get color matched for free. And then once you have used the products in the starter kit and are needing to refill, it's usually $20-25 for foundation, and mineral veil sold separately but you get larger containers of them. And also, like I said, this is the first time that I have ever run out of everything that I needed all at once, and I have been using Bare Minerals for at least 3 years. And I would like to also point out that my one foundation container will probably last me 2-3 months.


  1. I think you look great without make-up, but the Bare Minerals looks awesome on your skin! Makes me want to run out and grab some, actually... I have breakout prone skin. Grrr!!!

  2. Don't want to peer pressure you but it worked wonders for my acne! It's all natural so it's pretty good for your skin.... 99% of the time, I don't even wash my face before bed and sleep with it on. The only break outs I get now are just pre-period blemishes. If you wear make-up all the time like I do, it could be worth a try. I tried to save money and experimented with some other "mineral" make-ups and they just aren't the same. This stuff is a dream come true, and gives me confidence to leave the house everyday.

  3. You look adorable! I've only just started using BE, and I'm still learning, but I love the way it looks on me. The prices do take my breath away a little, but I'm looking at it as an investment. I stopped using makeup at all after being diagnosed with Hodgkins disease then losing my husband to a sudden illness five years ago. I am now in remission and have gone back to school to work on my Masters degree and I've decided that even if I take it slow in acquiring what I need, it's worth it to get good stuff.