Friday, March 18, 2011

Ikea meets the bedroom

So after I spontaneous trip to Ikea yesterday, I began our spring cleaning today and re-organizing a bedroom just a bit. We were having a lot of trouble with our dresser, it's quite old and was a hand-me-down from my sister's house-- we overstuffed it, and a couple of the drawers were refusing to cooperate with us. So what do you do when you need a new dresser? Head to Ikea of course!!

Here are a few before pictures of our bedroom...

Okay, so not only was our dresser falling apart but we were in desperate need of some new bedding. I like the green stripes, don't get me wrong but we let our long clawed dog sleep with us too many nights so there are holes in the bedspread. Sigh. Makes me so mad considering how much we paid for it. We bought it 2 years ago with our wedding money and I had to search REALLY hard for that one.  I know, I know, it's not the greatest (I'll admit that), but my struggle was finding a bedspread that wasn't floral. We were newly married and I wasn't sure how Daniel would feel sleeping in floral, and let me tell you that non-floral bedding is SO SO hard to find. I now feel the pain of all bachelors in America. And though it's quite bold colors, it was working for a while because we live in an apartment with such white walls.

And after....
My apologies for the poor lighting during the pictures, I had just the lamp on because I think that the overhead lighting is hideous. We also still need curtains, but it only took me 2 years to put curtains up in our living room, so we'll see how long it takes to get them up in the bedroom. Can't wait to sleep under our new "duvet"!! I feel fancy saying that.... and it has feathers in it.... real ones. And to answer your question, the dog will NOT be allowed to sleep on the duvet, tonight marks the night of kicking the dog out of our bed, she has hogged her spot for far too long.

Also note that the old dresser became my crafting station-- plenty of space to use the sewing machine and the drawers are still workable for craft supplies, just not everyday workable... unless you like to get frustrated with broken drawers. And now that the sewing machine has a home, I have cleared it from our kitchen table and we can resume dinners at the table as opposed to on the couch. YAY!

Hope everyone else has a productive weekend! We still have a couple closets to clean out and a Goodwill drop off to do before our spring cleaning is finished.


  1. I like your new comforter! Our's is sort of flowered. I had a super hard time finding one that didn't scream girly. It's girly than I had planned but Brandon doesn't seem to mind. I think men notice a lot less about home decor than we think...I've never been to Ikea. It's on my list of things to do before I die though :o)

  2. I love the white dresser! I like that foggy kind of see through look. It looks awesome.

  3. Hey thanks for becoming a follower! Your blog is really cute and I LOVE your bedroom makeover. God bless Ikea! I think it's neat you live in Greensboro because my husband is from there and we lived there on and off for 4 years until last August when we moved to Wilson, NC. Keep writing, girl!

  4. Tia- it's actually 2 dressers that we put side by side. It's called the "Aneboda" dresser at Ikea, and Leeland has the same one in his bedroom too. It's cheap and easy to put together. We looked at larger dressers for our bedroom but for whatever reason, it was cheaper to get 2 small ones.

    Heather- I actually know your husband :0) I attended PGBC for a short time when I was in Middle School.

  5. Anna- I went ALL out on the flowers this time! hehe. Daniel said he doesn't mind as long as it's comfy, typical male.

  6. Dana, I loooove the bedroom facelift! You guys really deserved to be able spruce up your space and have a beautiful, relaxing place to unwind! :)

    Oh, and our sympathies to your fuzzy firstborn! Kicked out of the bed in favor of new linens! haha ;)