Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, crafty Sunday!

Our weekend was full of ups and downs but for the most part, Sunday was pretty chill. We attended church this morning, then went out to lunch with Daniel's parents, and his brother and wife that were in town. Once we got home, my boys had their belly's full and were ready for a nap so I took advantage of the quiet moment and did some crafting. I went to the First Friday Indie Market this past Friday so I guess that was just the motivation I needed to do some more sewing. I had applied to sell there but didn't get accepted. This past weekend though, the application for May went up.  I filled one out, so now I'm just waiting to see what happens.

Here's some pictures of what I got accomplished today.
4 nursing clips-- go around the neck and clip a blanket, rag, shirt... whatever
you choose to use to cover while you are nursing. 
Up close of the clips-- sorry about the glare. 
Also made more diaper clutches-- 3 of them in this pretty blue
fabric! (Holds cloth diapers and wipes too of course! :0)
That's all the sewing I completed today. Into the 3rd diaper clutch, my ankle started cramping from my sewing pedal. Maybe sewing is sort of like playing guitar-- you have to build ups some calluses... er, ankle strength.


  1. Dana-

    First Friday Indie Market? I didn't know there was such a thing. That's interesting. Have you ever thought about selling on etsy? Or do you do that already?


  2. The first friday indie market happens downtown the first friday of each month from 4-9pm. In order to sell there, your items must be handmade or vintage. I don't sell on etsy yet, but I'm definitely considering it if I get rejected again from the indie market. lol. I applied to be a vendor back in April and they didn't accept me so right now I'm waiting to see if I was approved for May. :0)