Monday, September 19, 2011

The 2nd time around.

So for the most part, after being pregnant once already, when we found out we were expecting again, I felt like I knew what was to come.  However I have to say that there were things that I didn't expect nor calculate going into this 2nd pregnancy. Here's a few things that I have been thinking about over the past couple days:
  • 1st pregnancy, if I was tired, I took a nap.  Can't take a nap this time around with a toddler on my hands.
  • 1st pregnancy, I had typical morning sickness daily as soon as I woke up from about 8 weeks to 15 weeks. 2nd pregnancy, typical morning sickness started around 8 weeks and is still going off and on at 17 weeks, on top of getting sick later in the day and throwing up whole meals.  Where did that come from?
  • You show much sooner the 2nd time around-- 1st pregnancy I brought out the maternity clothes around 20 weeks, this time around I needed them at about 12 weeks. 
  • 1st pregnancy, I had killer Sciatic nerve pain starting around 33 weeks.  I assumed that it would come back this time around, but not this soon-- Sciatic nerve pain began in the 2nd pregnancy around week 15.
One good thing is that I have noticed (knock on wood), my heart burn and indigestion hasn't been as bad this 2nd time around.  1st pregnancy, I chewed Tums after every meal, and often woke up in the night with severe indigestion.  So far, that hasn't really occurred.  Bald baby?  Probably. Leeland did have a TON of hair when he was born.  My Father-In-Law said that he was the only one that the nurses pulled out a brush for and brushed his hair after his bath in the nursery.

Just food for thought. 

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