Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Fall-ish yarn wreath.

So this was my 1st week at home full-time with Leeland since going back to work in January when he was 9 months old and I have really felt like I have had SO much time on my hands.  It's been really good quality time with him, and I've been able to get some things done too.  Monday was spent cleaning the house all day long-- it desperately needed it.  And the rest of this week, I have been itching to catch back up on some crafting.  I wanted to make a nice Fall wreath for our front door.  I had visions of pretty fall colors.  Once the decision was made that it was going to be a yarn wreath, Leeland and I set out to Hobby Lobby for supplies.

One of my favorite colors is green and I really liked this olive green yarn.  I had visions of a mustard yellow felt to make flowers with to go with it.... Except when I got over to the felt section, the only yellow available was a hot crayola yellow which didn't mesh well with my green.  So I decided to forget about the yellow and substitute a really gorgeous deep burgundy.  So now my wreath is green and burgundy and a bit Christmasy, but I guess it will do.

Also note, this was my 1st time making felt flowers.  I hate to toot my own horn, but I think they turned out pretty awesome!

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