Friday, September 23, 2011

Help me choose.

Okay friends, I am INCREDIBLY indecisive.  And the funny part is that most of the things that I am super indecisive about, aren't really major decisions to make.  What I'm struggling with now, what diaper bag to get?  It is a well known fact that I need a larger diaper bag to hold all of the items for 2 kiddos, especially if potty training Leeland doesn't work out before the baby gets here-- that will be 2 bums in cloth.  So I've narrowed it down to 2 bags that I like, and one of the bags, I am struggling on the color.

1. Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag
Love this bag because it has a zipper closure and a TON of pockets which would be awesome for organizing both kids things and also some of Mommy's stuff too.  This is the one that I am struggling on color though.  A part of me really feels like I should go with black because it's classic, would match everything, would look just like a purse and probably wouldn't "get old."  But I also really like the plum burst pattern.

2. The JJ Cole Technique Bag
This bag has really awesome reviews but it seems to be a bit smaller than the Studio bag and it's a snap closure instead.  It's really cute, and has some organizational pockets on the inside.  I would pick the gray color for this one.

Both bags are super cute and stylish and don't really look like your typical diaper bag which I love.  Also both bags come with nifty stroller clips so that if we are out and about, it doesn't necessarily have to be on my shoulder-- they work for carts too.  

What do you think friends??  Help a sister out! Cast a vote!


  1. you know i'm all for the SkipHop! if this baby is a girl, go for the plum burst... but i LOVE the black, and like you said, it'll go with EVERYTHING! :)

  2. This is tough, but I love the patterned version of the first bag. It is very unique. Any way you choose, they are all lovely.