Friday, September 23, 2011

More yarn.

Remember my yarn wreath from yesterday?  I guess I've gone officially yarn crazy-- had another little yarn project today.  First up though, I thought my wreath was a little plain looking so I added some sweet little birds to it.

The next project was yarn wrapping a "K" for Krohs!  I used an Elmer's foam poster board.  I had a terrible razor blade to cut the K out with, but minor cutting errors don't necessarily matter once your letter is covered in yarn.  It's hanging in our dining area in our apartment.  The dining area is essentially a small square of carpet outside our kitchen-- our kitchen is all red, white, and black, so our table is usually set with a red table runner.  We even have red silverware!

Maybe now that I have all that time consuming wrapping yarn out of my system, I'll get back to crocheting.  Leeland needs some new hats for this winter.

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