Sunday, July 7, 2013

P90x Week 3 Wrap Up

DAY 1 Chest & Back and Ab Ripper:  It sounds funny to say that you're already getting stronger and it's only on week 3, but it's truth.  All this month I've been doing the same work outs each week, many of the work outs are not numbered and you just set a goal and try to go to burn out.... Well today I found myself doing more push ups than I have before and more sit ups than I have before, I feel (and see) myself getting stronger already and it makes for great motivation!

DAY 2 Plyometrics: Started SO strong and got to thinking how great week 3 was feeling.... and then I started having bouts of dizzy spells.  It was super frustrating.   My natural instinct was wanting to push through the dizzy spells, but being home alone with two very young boys, that could be a bit dangerous.  Only completed about 40 minutes of the hour.  Dizziness like that has NEVER happened before, so I'm gonna take a guess that maybe it was a low blood sugar or lack of hydration thing early this morning.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again and I'll be back in action tomorrow for a full workout.

DAY 3 Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper:  I really enjoy shoulders and arms-- still need to make it over to Target and exchange the smallest weights I bought for something bigger.  Not knowing what I'd be doing going into p90x, I originally bought a set of 3's and a set of 6's.  I'm going to return the 3's and get either 12's or 15's.  I'm not going for major muscles so I don't mind using a smaller weight and doing more reps to get leaner, but 6's is nothing on some of the exercises.  Saved the ab ripper for the afternoon because Daniel wanted to do it with me, and I kind of like working out/spending time with him. :)

DAY 4 Yoga:  I still am far too impatient for a lot of yoga, but today I did the most yoga I've done yet... I did 40 minutes of the hour and a half DVD.  I don't really understand my distaste of the yoga DVD, I mean, I complete 100% of all the other DVD's everyday!  Whatever.  My goal is to actually complete it one day without wanting to throw a brick through the TV.  Patience and focus, patience and focus.... To make myself feel better about not completing the DVD today, I went on an almost 2 mile run.  It felt really, really great to be running again! 

DAY 5 Legs & Back:  Praise the Lord for nap time!  I didn't manage to get up early enough to get my work out in before the kids woke-- but what I really mean by that is that Leeland has started waking up at 6am again.... Tried to work out while the boys were running around underfoot and it is incredibly frustrating.  I can't focus, I can't give my all for fear that one will run right under me as I'm trying to lunge.... But praise be to God for the little bit of time He chiseled out for me during nap time.  Kidless exercise felt great.

DAY 6 Kenpo:  Leeland was up at 6am again, and this time I had to worry about kicking or punching one of the kids. Ugh! Kenpo is still my favorite day, but early in the morning, I just need my time.  Daniel and I are brainstorming about what to do with Leeland's early wake ups, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.  I can tell you first hand that putting him to bed later doesn't help, he then still wakes at the same time and is just cranky because he went to bed later.

DAY 7 Rest!

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