Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P90x 30 Day Measurements And Photos

Without downplaying my current results, I will remind you that I'm only 30 days in.  30 out of 90.... I still have a long way to go.  Either way, I wanted to keep it real and show progress.  Hopefully you've been reading my weekly wrap ups and enjoying them... if you have, then you know that my current results aren't so much physical, but more mental and emotional.  My current results are....

1. That I have way more energy than I previously had.
2. That I am actually completing and keeping up with the DVD's.  The first time I did Ab Ripper, I only completed 2 sit ups! TWO!  Now I'm doing 25 sit ups. 

I feel great.  I feel strong.  I feel fit.  I feel my body changing.  With that said, here are the photos and measurements for 30 days, there's a good chance that you won't notice much difference in the photos, and that's okay, like I said, I still have 60 days left of the program!
   Pardon the face, before p90x                                                                                30 days

          Before p90x                                                                                                     30 days

            Before p90x                                                                                             30 days

           Before p90x                                                                                               30 days

Some of you may be able to see a difference in the photos, and some of you may not, and that's okay.  It's subtle changes so far.  Remember, I'm only 30 days in.
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..... And now for an update on measurements--

Before P90x:                                                                                        30 Days:
Weight- 188.6 pounds                                                                         Weight- 185 pounds
Chest- 39 inches                                                                                  Chest- 38 1/4 inches
Biceps- 13 inches                                                                                Biceps- 14 3/4 inches
Thighs- 26 1/4 inches                                                                          Thighs- 27 7/8 inches
Waist- 38 1/4 inches                                                                            Waist- 34 7/8 inches
Hips- 44 1/2 inches                                                                              Hips- 41 3/4 inches

A loss of 3 pounds, losing inches in the waist and hips, I'll take that for 30 days!  The bicep measurements are done while flexing, so the increase shows an increase in muscle.  And well, not that I want my thunder thighs any larger, but we're building muscle there too.

Making progress!  Stay tuned, because before I know it, it'll be time for a 60 day post. 

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