Saturday, August 11, 2012


If you haven't been following our journey to buying our first home, this is the 4th post on the subject and you may want to start with House Hunting, followed by Under Contract, and then Trying to Have Hope.  If you've already read those posts, then you know that this has been quite the roller coaster ride of ups and downs for us.  Yesterday, August 10th was supposed to be our closing date on the house.  Of course as you can tell, it wasn't.  Since I last posted about the suspension of our loan, we "grieved" you could say over the house and felt like we were being forced to move on.  We were coming down to the wire of our contract extension, and it didn't seem the bank was willing to work with us-- I felt like I kept going in circles with them, and jumping all the hoops to no avail. 

Just when we started to research other options, such as re-signing our lease here at our apartment, searching home rentals etc. we found out that another mortgage broker could give us a chance.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the business and he is very passionate about putting people in houses.  When we started working with him we only had one week left and weren't sure if the sellers would be willing to hold the house for us.  I was super nervous about it-- of course if they didn't hold the house for us, he was willing to work out the financials so that we could start looking at other houses, but I just LOVE this house.  This is the house that I want, the house that I have had dreams about, the house that in my head, I already have the boys' rooms picked out and decorated. 

Anyway, through a wild turn of events yesterday, our last day in our due diligence period, and also the last day that we could put in our 60 day notice at our apartment, the sellers decided to continue to work with us.  Our mortgage broker wrote a letter on our behalf to the sellers that included a timeline of when he would be able to get the loan done.  We essentially are back to the pre-approval stage.  Our new closing date is set for September 6th! 

I'm completely in shock by all of this-- I haven't been able to hash out all of the details in full on the blog because quite frankly our finances are our business, but I will say that this has just been the craziest transaction ever.  We have nearly lost the house and extended our contract/due diligence period at least 4 times.  I mean we were literally down to the last hour yesterday-- not only with the house, but also if we were going to re-sign with our apartment for the next year it had to have been done by yesterday at 5pm.  I'm in awe of the timing and I know that only God could have worked these miracles in all of the time crunches.  We are really excited and praying hard that it works out this time. 


  1. I'm praying hard too ;) it's been a roller coaster but we're working hard to get it closed!!

  2. dana i'm so excited for y'all! God is so good and I'll be praying everything works out!