Monday, August 27, 2012

Poop makes me smile.... Wait, what?

Today began with looming excitement of the 4 of us going to the Children's Museum. The boys let us sleep in till around 8am so we were rushing around trying to get breakfast served and presentable to the public. Typically in the mornings while I'm getting showered and ready, Hayden plays in his jumperoo while Leeland watches a cartoon and eats breakfast. We always get Leeland and Hayden dressed last because Leeland is always anxious to leave, and when he's ready he thinks it's time to go, so unless you want a shadow following you around nagging you saying its time to go, it's best if he gets dressed last.

So I'm getting Leeland dressed, Hayden starts to get fussy. I grab him up to get him dressed and turns out he was fussing because he had a poopy diaper. I go to change him and get him dressed and notice poop on his feet... And there's carpet fuzz on it. Doesn't add up right away until I walk out into the living room and see poop all over the carpet under the jumperoo. How he managed to get it in his diaper and on his feet/in the floor I have no idea-- there was none on either leg, and not much in the seat of the jumperoo? A poop mystery.

We go have fun at the children's museum and then have a few other errands-- GNC, grocery store, Chick-Fil-A (free gallon of tea coupon)... Then we're headed home. We're all exhausted, the errands took longer than anticipated. It's past lunch time and really pushing nap time. We get home and get lunch served. Then we tell Leeland it's nap time and start getting him changed and ready. He happen to have a poopy diaper by this time.... He's at his hyper, silly, really sleepy point and I'm trying to wrestle him down to change him. I'm venting to Daniel about how exhausted I am, what a mess our house is, how frustrated I am, how we need to clean, how I hope we get to move.... Let's just say at this point I'm in need of a nap too....

So I get Leeland changed, and I'm walking the cloth diaper back to the bathroom to spray it out and toss it in the pail. I'm going down the hallway, I feel something weird and freeze. Look down and blurt out a cross between a squeal and a groan. Daniel looks, Leeland looks... I'm completely frozen still in the middle of the hallway. The poop fell out of the diaper and had plopped right onto my foot!! Ew! I don't know if I should be totally freaked out, or thankful it didn't land on the carpet.
I can't help but bust out laughing-- I mean what can I do? Daniels laughing too. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.
I put my foot over the toilet and sprayed it off with the diaper sprayer, then plopped it in the bathrooms sink and scrubbed with soap. Laughing hysterically the whole time.

I mean, who knew that poop had the ability to change my whole demeanor? Frustration out the window, all I can do is laugh at myself. I have been in the trenches it seems with poop today, how's your day? Can you smile about it?

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