Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Half Birthday!

The Hayden Meister is 6 months old now!  Ack!! Time flies when you're having fun!
Took the infant seat out of his bath tub, he's a big boy now ;)
 -Hayden is still nursing (feeling quite accomplished myself in this department.)  We are going for Baby Led Weaning and I hope to give him some soft foods to try in the next week or so and see how he does.

-Hayden is a little ball of energy-- he has been military crawling for a month or so now and he is all over the house trying to keep up with big brother Leeland.

-Hayden and Leeland get along SO well, and I am so proud of Leeland and how he has fallen right into the big brother role and has taken little Hayden under his wing and loves him  so much.
Leeland loving on Hayden
-Hayden loves the sound of his own voice, we've gotten several "da da da daaa daaa"'s out of him along with some "goos" and LOADS of squeals.

-Praise the Lord, he is still sleeping through the night, still in our room in the pack &play until we get a bigger place.

-Hayden wakes up SO happy!  All around a happy kid really, just keep him fed.
The boys being silly
It's late and that's all that I can come up with at the moment.  He's a happy little man who is enjoying exploring the world.  Can't believe we have a 6 month old!
This pic just CRACKS me up!!! :D

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