Friday, August 10, 2012

I finished a book ;)

Much of my life I didn't really care for reading books as a hobby/leisure activity. Well... maybe I enjoyed reading as a tot, I don't really remember that far back.  But as far back as middle school, high school and college, I was always in honors and AP classes and had loads of reading and studying assigned to me.  Plus I was super busy-- in High School, I not only played sports but I also worked a part-time job starting at age 15.  I had bills to pay-- car insurance, cell phone, gas money, spending money....  And in college, life got even busier with more work (rent money), classes, internship, I planned a wedding and got married my Senior year.  Just a hectic time.

When I graduated College and started my 1st "real" full time job as a social worker at a group home, working regular 8-5 hours, I was honestly amazed by how much free time I had!  I know, it sounds really weird to spend the majority of your wakeful time at work and say that you have a load of free time, but I truly felt like I did because I only had one thing to focus on, and it wasn't a lot of hopping from here to there.  (Oh, and don't forget weekends off! Say what!?) With all of that said, I started reading again, and I LOVED it.  For once in my life I had the choice of what to read and could read at my own pace.  I was flying through books! And then... came a baby.  Leeland of course.  The first few months were a breeze because he pretty much slept and ate all the time, so I still felt like I had free time.  Then he started crawling... and walking... and running and got into everything.  And his naps became shorter and shorter.... And then came baby number two!

Amongst all the chaos of life and kids, I would start books and not finish them.  Sometimes starting the same book several times.  I just didn't have the time.  Or if there was a free moment, I would choose something that required less energy and brain waves, like a nap! :)

Anyways, the point of this post is meant to be celebratory if I can ever get there.  Today, for the first time in like a year (sad I know)  I finished a book!! Haha!  I feel so accomplished!  And the beauty of it is that it's only the first in a series, so I have a couple more to go!

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