Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I've been up to.

This week has FLOWN by and I have been super exhausted-- sorry for the lack of posts, I should do better. With that said, here's what my week looked like....

MONDAY- Monday I had to work in the afternoon and while I was away my Granny was watching Leeland. It was really nice too because she came to our house to watch him which was easier on me and easier on Leeland.

TUESDAY- Tuesday's are my long days at work, I only work 20 hours a week and it's split among 4 days. Tuesday is like my hump day, it's the day that I dread and the day that once it's done, I know that I'm almost to the weekend. I worked 9-5 and then went out afterward to volunteer. I found out last week about a local organization called "Sweet Cheeks Diaper Kits", they donate diapers to low income families through our local WIC office. There's currently a waiting list because of the demand which is pretty awesome. It's great to hear that lots more mommies are interested in cloth diapering and yet sad at the same time that the cannot afford them. So sweet cheeks gets major companies to donate diapers and they also do t-shirt drives and make diapers from the t-shirts. Once a month they get a group of volunteers together to work on making the diapers from t-shirts. It's an assembly line process, some cutting the design, some pinning the layers together, others marking them for snaps, and others putting on the snaps. Once all that is complete, a couple of the ladies add elastic from home and one lady serges them. The end result is a fitted diaper with snaps and 2 snap in doublers. Really neat! I was hesitant to go because it put me away from Leeland ALL day, but it's only once a month and it felt really good to help out. In case your wondering, I was doing the snaps on the assembly line. :0)

WEDNESDAY- I worked in the morning on Wednesday and then I did lots of laundry. I also made a run to Goodwill. For whatever reason, I felt the need to clean out this week and get rid of some things. It felt good. I got home Wednesday night and did even more cleaning out to do another Goodwill run on Thursday.

THURSDAY- Worked in the morning again, and did yet again another Goodwill run. I also did some deep cleaning around the house on this day. Lots of dusting and vacuuming, and I even removed the couch cushion covers and threw them in the washing machine. Sprayed all fabrics down with Febreze and got some new air fresheners. Our whole apartment smells like Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit, it's quite lovely and I will admit that I bought that scent simply because "thai" was in the name.

FRIDAY- My off day! Woo hoo! And with all the organizing, cleaning and laundry done, it was just a day to hang out with my little man. Lots of playing and reading books. We went out to Joann fabrics to look at what they had. I'm wanting to make a diaper bag, but none of the fabrics on Friday screamed out to me "I'm your diaper bag!" I'll try again another day I guess. I did purchase the candy melts I needed to make dinosaur pops for Leeland's birthday party. I made the dinosaur pops and they are safely wrapped up in our refrigerator. I also made 3 more diaper clutches on this day out of the green flower fabric that you can find in this post. I also have gotten a little dress about half way finished (pictures coming).  And went to G-Mart and got 3 varieties of Mochi Ice Cream and have almost ate them all... just being honest.  I returned our cable box this day to Time Warner and canceled all services--we're pretty excited about it, it's too expensive and there's nothing but junk on it.

SATURDAY- Daniel, Leeland and I got up in the morning and headed out the the "Triad Health, Wellness, Green Living Show" (I probably just butchered the name but it's far too long anyways.) We got breakfast at Chick-Fil-A on the way. It was a really neat show, we enjoyed mingling with the people and learning about different products out there. This cloth diaper boutique  was there and we chatted with them and I couldn't resist purchasing something-- I bought Leeland a really cool pair of swim trunks that have the cloth diaper built into them so he only has to wear one piece. After we walked around the whole fair, we all came home and took a nap before Daniel had to go to work.  While Daniel was at work, Leeland and I played and read books during the thunderstorm and I washed diapers. I also registered for the great cloth diaper change and pre-ordered my special edition Fuzzibunz Earth Day diaper because I couldn't resist... cute diaper

SUNDAY (today)- We went to church this morning and then Daniel had to go to work right after. My in-laws stopped by after church for just a minute and gave Leeland an early birthday present..... drum roll.... a convertible car seat!!! He's officially a big boy and my car just got A LOT smaller! The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the little man. Though I just cleaned everything on Thursday, the house is a mess again but I unfortunately don't have the energy to deal with it. No idea why I have been so exhausted lately... I do know that Leeland has been refusing his 2nd nap the past few days. I hope and pray that the days of 2 naps aren't over yet. It may sound selfish, but Mommy needs her time too.

That's all for now folks, sorry for such a long post.... gotta go, sleepy momma and fussy baby. Another busy week ahead, it's Leeland's birthday week!!! And then Saturday is the annual walk for life  at work, praying that the 60% chance of rain their calling for is an error.... or maybe the storm can just come in the evening once we're done. If you're local, you should consider coming out... lots of refreshments, games, fun, and an open house!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week, Dana! Can't wait for The Great Cloth Diaper Change!! We have to remember to take lots of pictures! <3