Sunday, April 3, 2011

Glasses free!

The last time I had an eye exam was at least 3 years ago, possibly 4 years. I have been dying to get my eyes checked for the past couple months-- my vision was starting to get blurry and I was having trouble seeing far away. It's quite a shame when your at church trying to read the projector screen and your squinting WITH your glasses on. With all that said, I made an appointment to the eye doctor and went this past Friday. Daniel wears contacts so I had asked him about them and how they feel-- he persuaded me to try them. 

It took me forever the past couple days to put them in and take them out, but other than that, it's going pretty well! So for now, I am glasses free! (I feel naked.) Of course, I still think my glasses are adorable, so I'm sure there will be days that they are brought out, but it's been fun seeing myself with nothing on my face.


  1. aw i remember what it was like when i first got contacts! so crazy to see oneself with a naked face when you are used to wearing a pair of glasses! you look adorable :) but that said, i also love glasses and you look fabulous in yours, so you should definitely switch back and forth, keeps things fun :D

  2. Thanks girl! I'm definitely holding on to my glasses too-- turns out that my prescription only had to be bumped up 1 level so the contacts have the new prescription but I'm keeping my glasses the same. I've been wearing the contacts for over a week now and I still feel very naked and often think I am forgetting something when I leave the house.

    An added bonus with the contacts though is that I have been enjoying wearing sunglasses the past few days-- it's been too long since I've worn a pair. :0)