Saturday, April 30, 2011

This week.

I have been a busy bee this week. We are down to 6 days before the Indie Market! Did I mention yet that I was accepted to sell this time??  As soon as I got the email saying that I was accepted, I blasted it out to Facebook and Twitter but don't remember letting my readers know. My B-A-D. So in my spare time this week I have been sewing away.... I have gotten quite a few toddler girl dresses made up and tonight I even made a diaper bag with a matching plastic wipes case. Now I can only pray that people who shop at the market next week will be people with babies, pregnant women, or people who know people having babies ;0)

Other things that happened this week-- last Saturday I went to The Great Cloth Diaper Change and I have been itching to blog about it, I have pictures but I was hoping that Leeland's certificate of participation would come in so that it could be included. They were mailing them to all the kiddos.  So blog about that coming soon. Also today was Daniel's 2nd powerlifting meet, have I mentioned before that my hubby has incredible biceps? Well, he does! ;0) More to come on that soon when I have pictures to post. A friend ended up taking pictures today because my camera lens had a stubborn smudge and therefore my pictures were all coming out blurry. I guess it's kind of crazy that I have had the fancy camera now for like 8-9 months and have never purchased a lens cleaning cloth.

More to come soon :0)

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