Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Surprise Gift

My Grandma wasn't able to make it to Leeland's party a couple weeks ago and dropped by today with a gift.
A BICYCLE!!! Oh bless his little after lunch, peanut butter and jelly face.  He was SO SO SO excited about his very own bicycle.  He definitely didn't anticipate the learning curve ahead. Let's just say the first "ride" resulted in a threenager meltdown.  (Threenager is what I call Leeland these days-- two's were so easy, three's have been an "adventure.")  But once we get him a helmet and give the bike some real action, he'll learn!

And thanks so much to my Grandma for the nice surprise.  We owe many thanks to her and her frugalness.  People who think I'm frugal.... well, where do you think I get it from-- my Grandmother passed it down to my Father, who passed it down to yours truly.  Seriously though, she finds the absolute best deals on kid's stuff! (Bike included.)  She got us lots of cool outdoor things for the kids when we first moved like a sandbox (which is empty and we plan to use as a small pool when it's warm), the castle looking slide in many photos I post, and the kid's picnic table. All for a steal!!  (Oh! And she got the Bob The Builder cake pan I recently used for Leeland's birthday for only like $1 or $2.)

So, awesome gift, and lots of fun ahead as Leeland embarks on the bike learning adventure!

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