Sunday, February 13, 2011

My weekend.

    What a wonderful weekend I have had FULL of creativity! Remember my last post about itching to sew, well I got my hands on a new sewing machine that was supposed to do sewing and a little embroidery also. It was a VERY complicated little booger and I ended up returning it. I wanted an upgrade from my old, cheap broken one, but that was too big of a step--- so I got a cheaper one and I am in LOVE! It's a Singer. It's a little more computerized than old faithful but it runs so smooth and is much more quiet.
    Before I got to catch up on all my sewing that I wanted to do though I had to make 4 dozen cupcakes. We were doing a Volunteer Appreciation Event for work Thursday night so I offered to bring the cupcakes. Our logo is a teal butterfly so I topped them with some butterfly candies I made-- I also brought my cupcake tree.

Both pics from my phone.

  Once the cupcake project was out of the way, I was ready to break in my new sewing machine! WOO HOO! My brother-in-law's little girl is turning 1 this week and we are celebrating next weekend, so to start, I got to work on some presents for her. I made her a "pillowcase dress", though it is called a pillowcase dress and can be made from one, I just used cute fabric I found at JoAnn's. (Ties in the back, we don't want a 1 year old little girl undoing her dress)

And apparently she really likes elephants, her birthday party is going to be pink elephant themed, so I saw that it was only fitting to make her a little elephant stuffed animal.
And after all that, I still had some of the fabric left (which I won't use considering I have a little boy...) so I decided to make a little diaper clutch for them as well.

Once the birthday girl's gifts were completed I had to make a cake for my parents.  My Dad and Step Mom were married on Valentine's day 15 years ago! 15 years is kind of a big deal so the whole family got together for lunch and as usual, I made the cake. I wanted to make something special for them and I wanted to branch out a little from my norm, so I made them a strawberry cake and covered it in a buttercream rose design! I'm pretty happy with it!

Once all that was done, I finally got to make our curtains for our living room! YAY! I mean, we've only lived in the same apartment for almost 2 years without curtains in the living room. I had some extra fabric from that project too so I made some matching throw pillows.
Well, that is all for now. Next on my list is making some more cloth wipes-- I have plenty more receiving blankets in Leeland's closet to cut up into squares and sew together! Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Wow Dana you've been busy! The sewing you is so, so cute and the cupcakes and rose cake are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thanks Anna! I had so much fun with it all!