Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review....

2012 is ending, and it's ending quickly.  We are so blessed to have another year under our belt and what a great year it has been! Here's the highlights:

-Daniel and I got a year older. (The numbers aren't necessary.)
-Our little snow bunny Hayden was born! (Birth story)
-We celebrated and had a fun little train party when Leeland turned 2.
-Daniel graduated from the Police Academy and subsequently started patrol.
-We bought our 1st home! It was a long hard road to get it, but we got a house!!
-With the close of the year, Hayden is now 10 months old and has barreled through SO many milestones, sitting up, eating solid foods, crawling and 2013 will most definitely bring walking.
-I had the pleasure of getting to know some more awesome moms at MOPS.
-Leeland is also growing up a little too quick, he potty trained and got his big boy bed.

2012 brought both stress and blessings-- we are so happy to have so many wonderful memories from the year.  Counting our blessings and looking forward to another happy year ahead. :)

Happy New Year Friends!

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