Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolutions.

Here's a link to last year's resolutions. Last year was focused on taking care of myself and saving money.  Taking care of myself and getting my running in had it's ups and downs last year.  Once I was cleared to get back to regular exercise after Hayden was born, I literally hit the ground running, and then I hit a point where it got too difficult-- with Daniel's crazy schedule added to the time it took to get ready, nurse and/or pump and get out the house was overwhelming. I had lots of fun couponing and finding sweet deals though, along with entering LOADS of giveaways!

The year before my resolutions were revolved around becoming a more natural me and a more natural house, which we are still working on today.  We switched to cloth diapers when Leeland was a baby and gave up paper towels.  Using natural/re-usable feminine products, re-usable shopping bags, natural household cleaners.  I use coconut oil for nearly everything and I no-poo.

I'd say that we have been pretty successful with our resolutions and I've had fun making changes for the better-- baby steps, but changes for good.

So this year, what's in store? Again, I have 2. (haha!)

1.) Eating better.  (Yea, me and millions of others right?)  This is the cliche resolution I know but it's what we are pursuing.  I have been convicted recently about all the natural steps I have made in the house and with my outward body compared to what goes in my body.  I will say, that I've never felt like we necessarily eat bad.  Especially since the move, eating out has become rare and we cook from home.  98% of what we eat is baked, not fried.  I serve veggies with all of our meals.... So what's the problem, you say?  I want to eat more fresh!  I want to buy fresh produce, I've began cooking dry beans instead of canned, we make our own pizza crust.  I want to be more in control of what's going into our bodies.  We've also toyed with the idea of going gluten free, but that's a whole other beast.  We're trying out some gluten free recipes and seeing how it goes-- Even if we don't commit 100% to the idea, we still want to limit those things.  We're also attempting to eliminate soda, and tame our sweet tooths. 

2.) Getting my concealed carry and purchasing a handgun for myself.  Should a situation ever arise, the Mama bear in me just wants to protect my boys and myself.  I feel safe where we live, but often times I am home alone-- maybe it's paranoia from the news and crazy stories, but I just need to be prepared for anything.  It's my duty as a Mom to protect my boys, plain and simple.

Do any of you make resolutions?  If so, have you had much success keeping them?  Even if you don't call it a New Year's Resolution, or even if you don't even choose them around the New Year, goals are important.  Constantly striving to do better and to be better.  Happy New Year friends!

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