Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Christmas Rundown

I look forward to Christmas from January 1 each year and then every year it comes and I'm a little overwhelmed with everything.  We just have lots of family to see, and it's really difficult, even 4 years of marriage later to find the balance in our seeing each of our families and balancing family traditions with making our own traditions.  Here's a quick run down of what our last week has been like--

Wednesday the 19th:  Daniel's parents came over to have dinner and exchange gifts with the boys.  Much of his extended family is in Michigan so they would be headed to MI soon and wanted the boys to get their gifts before then.  This year was supposed to be our year to go to MI for Christmas too (we do every other), but unfortunately Daniel couldn't get off work.  (A couple of their gifts below....)

Saturday the 22nd:  My Sisters and step-mom came over to bake goodies.  It's a yearly tradition and we had some fun exchanging what we each had previously made and making some stuff.  I was extra excited to host this year at our new home!

Sunday the 23rd:  Me and the boys got up and went to church (Daniel was sleeping from work) and I told Leeland we had a surprise after church.  We headed after church to see Santa, and apparently all the other parents in our town had the same idea because the line to see Santa was out the door.  We stood in line barely moving for all of 20 minutes and had to head home for naps.  Leeland was so sad but I told him we'd go back.  I woke him up early that afternoon and went back to try to see Santa before we had to go to a family get together and it was perfect-- only like 5 families in line.  After seeing Santa, we went to a get together to have dinner with my Granny and her extended family. (And yes, Hayden cried.)

Monday the 24th: Christmas Eve was mostly uneventful during the day-- hanging out at home much of the day playing with all the toys that the boys had already received.  That evening we went to my Granny's house to open gifts from her and my/their cousins.  And then we went shopping at Target, simply because it sounded like the fun thing to do the night of Christmas Eve, and we had a gift card so, why not? And then once we got home and got the boys to bed it was time for a marathon Christmas wrapping party, because after all, Santa was coming.  Daniel also got the boys new table and chairs put together.
Tuesday the 25th:  CHRISTMAS!! We all woke up about 8am and opened stockings and gifts.  Then the boys got to play a little bit before we headed over to my parent's house for traditional Christmas morning breakfast-- biscuits, gravy, sausage, peanut butter chip pancakes, quiche, egg nog.... Nom, nom, nom!  (An aside, if you've never put Reese peanut butter chips into your pancakes, you haven't lived!!  Don't add them to the batter because they'll just sink, but pour each pancake to the pan and just as they start bubbling before you flip, sprinkle some in, then flip the pancake and they cook in there. They are heavenly!) And then after breakfast the boys opened up some more gifts!

It was quite the whirlwind! Leeland was confused for a few days after-- asking whose house we were going to next.  I guess he got accustomed to going places and opening gifts everyday.  Since Christmas, it's all been very relaxed around here, mostly hanging out at home and playing with all of our loot.  I hope your Christmas was fabulous!

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