Monday, October 1, 2012

We Got The House! (and moving.)

It was a long hard road, (that you can read about in several posts on the blog) but we finally got the house!  It's a total miracle that the sellers were willing to wait on us and work with us for so long by holding the house for us.  We closed on September 21st and we moved in on the 22nd because we work fast like that.
Moving was pretty straight forward-- we were up well past midnight the night before doing final packing, and we had plenty of help arrive at 9am that morning.  Everyone says that moving is the hard part, but I have to disagree-- moving is exhausting, yes, but it's fairly simple to pick things up and put them down.  The hard part for me/us has been the unpacking and putting away.  When I have moved in the past (pre-kids) things were unpacked and put away within 24-48 hours.  This time it's much different-- we have more stuff and we have kids that take priority.  Kids that have wants and needs, one of which is still nursing.  Hayden has been teething like a champ and been extra clingy so much of what has needed to be done has been done with him on my back in the Boba.  It's been a gradual process of all of our items finding their homes and a process that we're still working on a week out.
I have worked on a few little crafty projects to decorate our new place and I hope to post some pics of those soon.  We appreciate each one of you who was praying throughout this whole process-- we didn't get to the end without several hiccups but we did get there and we officially own the house. It sort of all reminds of the verse John 16:21 about how once a woman gives labor her pains are forgotten, very similarly, we now have the end result and have the house and I've sort of forgotten about the process to get here.
We are loving our new little place in the country!

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