Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free cloth diapers.

 I personally love anything that is free, but it's especially fun when the freebie is actually a giveaway that you won.  I just love winning stuff.  Call me a dork, but even the smallest of prizes gets me giddy like a school girl.  I've posted on cloth diapering a few times, I think, or at least I thought about posting about it a few times.  I do remember doing this post last year after we made the big switch to cloth diapers when Leeland was around 5 or 6 months old.  A year later there have been no regrets though there has been some slight modifications here and there. 

I discovered pocket diapers this year and fell in love with them.  All of the pocket diapers that we have in our current stash are "one-size" meaning they should fit the average child from about 7 pounds to 35 pounds.  Essentially they are supposed to take you from birth to potty training, though I hear they can be a bit bulky on a newborn depending on how big the baby is at birth.  We haven't yet experienced diapering a newborn though I am looking forward to it when Hayden arrives.  Last year when we began our cloth diapering journey, I was using 90% pre-fold diapers which I still adore, but they got to be a bit cumbersome when Leeland became the rolling pin at changing time.  I have already created a cloth diaper registry which includes smaller sized pre-folds for Hayden and I am SO stoked about going back down that path. 

So what about the FREE cloth diapers?  This past month I won a couple of really awesome giveaways from All About Baby Boutique.  This is an online baby boutique that sells cloth diapers, mama cloth, baby carriers/wraps, breastfeeding supplies, natural lotions and creams.  They have a lot of really great stuff.  They are an online boutique that is thankfully local to my area, therefore I am able to get free "shipping" when I meet up with one of the ladies nearby to collect my goods, though I am excited to say that a retail store is in the works and should be opening in the coming months. Swoon! So in the past month (or so- this post is a wee bit behind schedule) I have won, not one, not two, but essentially THREE giveaways from them!  I'm a pretty lucky gal these days it would seem.  I keep thinking that they are going to ban me from giveaways.  But at the same time, all the fun and excitement really only makes me want to shop there more-- in fact, that is where I set up my cloth diaper registry for baby Hayden.  Now the next step is to get friends and family on board with actually purchasing off the registry (that is why I took the time to make it).

I won this super cute blue Charlie Banana one-size pocket diaper.  It has an adorable "construction" print on it. This was my first Charlie Banana diaper and I am quite impressed!  It is super soft and cuddly on the inside, we have had NO leaks with it, and it looks rather trim on Leeland's tiny rump.  I had previously mentioned in my wish list post a few months ago that I wanted some Charlie Banana mama cloth (not a need at the moment... pregnant) but after seeing how awesome their diapers are, now I really want some CB mama cloth! (And the added bonus: they make super cute prints!)

 Another win from AABB was this red Fuzzibunz one-size pocket diaper.  The picture and the indoor lighting doesn't really give it justice but it's a beautiful red.  I like to say that it's NC State red. OOO, or better yet, Christmas red! This is the 2nd Fuzzibunz diaper to be added to our stash, they are a pretty reputable brand and seem to be very well known.  They are very trim diapers which is really nice, because one of the common qualms of those debating cloth is how bulky they are on the baby. 

And the last win from them was in their "Schwag bag" giveaway.  The ladies from AABB had recently attended the ABC kids expo (title?) and were giving away some really cool reusable bags with samples of products and new products in them.  I think there were 6 total, and I happen to win one! Yay!  It was a reusable bag from iplay with Dr. Sears samples of lotions/body wash/rash cream.  A sample CD of "rock a bye baby" where they turn classic rock songs into  nursery songs.  And also a pair of Lula clips. Have you heard of Lula clips?  They are awesome!! They are little magnetic "hands" that you attach to your child's car seat so that the buckles can attach to the magnet and when you sit your baby in the car seat, you don't have to wrestle them out from under the child and around the child.  One of those inventions that you see and think, "wish I would've thought of that!".  You can find them here on the AABB website.  I will definitely be getting a 2nd set for Hayden's car seat. 

Thank you so much to All About Baby Boutique for their AWESOME customer service! And this Momma is LOVING the freebies!  Check them out friends, they are on Facebook or can be found at

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