Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wish List....


Several of my friends randomly write posts about their Etsy wish lists. I have a wish list too-- it's just not an Etsy one. Here are a few things that I have been drooling over lately and saving for.

To say that I am obsessed with this diaper bag is kind of an under statement. I "Google" this bag at least 4 times a week drooling over it and searching for a deal. Apparently it was running half price a couple months ago on Gilt Groupe and Zulily and I missed it. It's WAY out of our price range for a diaper bag, but it's just SO nice! And it doesn't even look like a diaper bag. There are other colors and prints, but I think I'm leaning towards black. I originally liked charcoal dot but Daniel said he didn't care for it. He actually said he liked the new pattern "plum burst" which is interesting.  (Other colors here.)

Many of you may find my diaper bag obsession unusual, but those of you who know me well are very aware that I am a bag hoard-- and when a bag hoard has a baby, it's only natural she become a diaper bag hoard. 


 I curl my hair now on most days. I'm trying to grow it out just a few more inches. It's currently the longest it's been since I was like in the first grade. I've always been a short hair gal but I have always wanted long hair and not had the patience to wait on it to grow. Now that I'm finally getting there, I'm super excited about all the things I can do with it that I never could before-- like curling it. Using my curling iron is working fine but it is kind of a hassle. I'm thinking hot rollers would make my life easier. I could have them in my hair in the mornings while I do my make-up and not be bound to an electrical outlet.


You may remember my post at the beginning of the year about being more eco-friendly. We gave up paper towels, I started using sea sponges, and of course we cloth diaper Leeland. I have really been wanting some cloth feminine pads though and we haven't had the money to buy them. I'm currently contemplating making some of my own (there will be a post if I succeed) but I must admit that I really like these Charlie Banana pads. They have cute colors and patterns and they fold up so neatly and could be very discreet in my purse or bag. And they have wings which is a personal must. 


  1. girl we have the SAME taste!!! I've been loving some SkipHop bags forever!!! too expensive right now, but I would LOVE to save up for one! :)

  2. amen! We have one Skip Hop already- I think it's called to duo. It's black and white polka dot. We got it from Target when I was pregnant. I think it's the 1st thing we bought for our little man before he was born. I LOVE it and it works fine, but it's kind of small. I usually pack the whole house when we go out so I need a lot of room. And I'm loving that the studio bag looks more like a purse. And is big enough to carry Mommy's stuff too.

    Hoping I can find it on another flash sale sometime soon.