Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy 18 months!

Our little man Leeland is officially 18 months old today! Didn't we just bring him home from the hospital yesterday?  Man how time flies!  He has grown into quite the little dude over the past few months.  He is getting to be very tall and VERY active. His vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple months too and we tend to call him our little repeat.  He can even put together a few words and small sentences like, "Bye. Have a good day.",  "There you go." and "Love you."  He is a very polite toddler and says "please" and "thank you" 100 times a day.  He makes this Momma so proud!

If you would have asked me when he turned 1 about feeding him table food, I would've told you that I wasn't sure he would ever give up baby food, but I am proud to say that our house has been baby food free for several months!  (Hear the sound of our wallet singing praises.) He eats what we eat and he enjoys it.  I call him my little carboholic because he especially loves pastas and breads.  He has become a little picky when it comes to the vegetable department, but that seems to be pretty typical of the toddler years, we just continue to offer him a variety of veggies along with other items that he does like.

When I say that he is VERY active, I mean he could run himself silly.  He is very much "go go go".  It kind of hit me all of a sudden just in the past couple months how active he is.  His idea of fun is just finding a field somewhere and running in circles.  Though I think the Children's Museum would be a close second.  But he also has a nice balance of cuddly and sweet also.  He REALLY enjoys books and insists that he sit in your lap when you read.  And after you finish the book, he does the cutest thing where he opens it back up and reads it himself.  And he loves to shower Momma and Daddy with kisses. 

Knock on wood, but thankfully we also haven't gotten to the "selfish toddler" stage and he plays well with other children so far.  I know the day will come when he won't want to share toys with anybody but for now he's just very easy going and gets along with other kids just fine.  I think he is going to be a fabulous big brother! 

Daniel and I are definitely looking forward to many more milestones to come!  We are so amazed each day at this precious little boy that the Lord blessed us with.  I couldn't imagine life without him.  Mommy and Daddy love you SO much Leeland!  Hope that the past 18 months have been as awesome to you as they have been to us. 

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