Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Festival

This past Saturday we went to the Apple Festival.  It used to be a sort of family tradition to go to the Wilkesboro Apple Festival but the past few years, the family has been so busy.  Sad too because part of my family lives up there and I'm sad to admit that many of them I haven't seen in probably at least 4 years.  Time just gets away from us sometimes doesn't it.

The Apple Festival is pretty much like any other big festival-- lots of food and things for sale.  Many of the items listed for sale are homey looking crafts.  Being completely honest, Wilkesboro is kind of in "the sticks" so there's lots of country folk and down home country decor and such to be found.  I didn't really find much to buy that day.  A few of the things that I liked were either 1) Priced too high or 2) I thought "I could make that myself."  Other than the few people who would cut off the stroller, I did enjoy some food and mingling amongst the crowd.

After the festival we stopped in at my Great Grandma's house to visit for a minute.  Another person in my family that I hadn't seen in WAY too long.  She'll be 90 next year. 

I lugged my camera around all day and didn't pull it out even once, so here are a few photos that I swiped off of my sister's Facebook page. Thanks Sis!
Leeland stretching his legs a bit after lunch.  He stayed in the stroller the rest of the day and was SO good.  So quiet and just enjoyed playing with the free flag he got from the Army booth.  I wasn't aware until we got home that evening that he had a 102 fever.  No wonder, he was so quiet and peaceful.  His fever has yo-yo'd all weekend and I'm looking forward to having my healthy little boy back.
Yes, that is my 19 week pregnant self enjoying a gyro!  Thanks for capturing my full cheeks Sis. :0)

 5 generations in 1 photo.  My Great Grandma in the peach, my Grandma in the blue, my Dad in the purple (ECU game day), My Step Mom on the end in blue, My older sis in the black and yellow with my nephew, and my niece in the gray in the center, then Leeland and I on the left.  (And I apologize that Leeland is covering the bump, thought about that after the fact.)

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